Wednesday, November 23, 2016

he built us a home


Howdy folks. I'm going to try this once again. Last time I posted this I had huge waves of shyness come over me and so quickly deleted the post. I am actually very unsure if I will be able to get the hang of this sharing/writing thing again. But I might try. Let's see...

Here I am to finally share the pictures that have been waiting since last year to get posted. At this point in the photos we had already moved into the downstairs of the cabin, after having lived in a little old motor home for the whole first year. (Yep, all five us!)

So the first half year in the cabin we had only our ceiling/upstairs floor (tongue and groove pine boards) as a roof. And what a rainy spring/summer we had last year! Thankfully we stayed very dry for the first months of almost daily downpours. Thankfully we then got through the next months of leaky roof without any real damage (to the too many books and too much fabric I too anxiously moved into the not finished/not dry cabin...)

I honestly can't remember if I ever mentioned much about us getting started on the cabin or not. Obviously it has been a somewhat slow process. Which makes sense, since Jason has pretty much built the whole thing himself. Including taking down trees, peeling logs, milling boards. Much wood has come from our own land. Some wood from the lumber store (two by fours, plywood for siding, and tongue and groove pine for floors and ceiling).

The girls and I were occasional helpers, but like I said, this was almost all Jason. Except for the few wonderful days when it was all Jason and MY DAD! 

We had always dreamed that my dad might be able to help us some day build our home (he has built several of his own) but he lives super far and it was coincidence that he came to visit at just the perfect time. He was able to help Jason get the 20 foot long beam up for the roof ridgepole.
Thank you Daddy!!!

(If you are wondering how they raised a twenty foot long beam 20 feet up off the ground, it is done about one inch at a time...)

We were able to move into the upstairs of the cabin just before thanksgiving last year. We have a ways to go till a word like finished can even be thought of, but we have walls all around us, a roof over our heads, (a roof that never leaks!), three tiny bedrooms...

Thank you dear husband for our beautiful home!!!!!!!

I'll try to be back soon and share a bit more of what we've been up to.

P.S. So that's it, the post I wrote so long ago, the photos we took last year. Almost two and half years ago we moved to our land. One year ago moved into the cabin. It is much more finished now, but still not really anywhere near done.

Now it is Thanksgiving. Now we are somewhere else for the winter. What an interesting year it has been.


Love and blessings to all,



Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, I hope you do overcome your shyness and post here more, I have missed you! However I completely understand the shyness you speak of. Since joining IG (private account) and posting less on the blog, I feel that too and have written whole posts I never published.
The house is so good, so full of love and hard work!
Love to you, Mel

herzlicht said...

So happy you are back. I have missed you so much. Love and light from Germany Heike

Amélie said...

Dear Renee, I am so happy you are back with this post. I have often thought of you and your treasure girls. Your new house is an admirable work. ... as a shy person myself, I so well understand you, but I'd love to have news of your new place and life in this beautiful area. Much love, Amélie.

Brandy said...

It is so good to hear from you! Stay warm this winter, wherever you are.


Old Gates Farm said...

So great to hear from you. What a wonderful thing--a house built by your husband and father. I can't wait to see more pictures! xo Kris

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