Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apples and Trains (and Bears too!)

Look how many apples there were already at this time last year! How pleased the girls look... Chessa is thrilled!

For the past year Jason has worked part time for the historic railroad in our town. (It has been running since 1882! Still coal-fired/steam operated.) Most of these apples were picked from trees along the railroad tracks where no one else can really get to them.

Jason's job is to ride along in a little patrol car and make sure the tracks are safe. Sometimes there is some maintenance to do, sometimes there is a fire to put out, but there is also plenty of time to enjoy the scenery!

Lots of wildlife too!

Jason saw this bear (below) one day early in March. It had obviously just woken up from it's winter sleep! It was drowsy, yawning, stretching, and basking in the warm sun! Sometimes he would see a mama bear with her cubs.

This is the depot in the little town the train goes to. The tourists get off and wander around, Jason goes and has lunch by the river, maybe takes a little hike. Then he starts the 3 hour ride back down.

These pictures were taken last year in early September. Snow already!

And here are some other nice autumn pictures from last September.

Goodness, was that enough pictures for you?


Heather said...

Man, I love living in Colorado. Could we be any luckier? What an awesome outdoor life you all lead. I am so excited to head into RMNP on Monday to photograph the fall colors. I LOVE this time of year here (although, I really enjoy all the seasons here :). If you ever get down this way, let me know and we can get the families together.

Gorgeous photos

sarah haliwell said...

Stunning! I could never get enough of photos like that.

Tan Family said...

I loved all of the pictures! How amazing that you caught the bear in the photo. Love all of the apples! :)

Alison said...

These images are gorgeous!...apples and Colorado...both look absolutely delicious!

Kelly said...

Look at all those apples!! You know, I am so struck by the beauty of your surroundings - so beautiful! I will show our second son the pictures of the bear. He is fascinated by bears.

goldenbird said...

Wow, I want to go on that train ride! I love the autumn colors, and I REALLY love the bears! The river is absolutely gorgeous. The scenery reminds me of the Lake Tahoe area.

Your girls look happy with their apples.

... said...

stunning pictures...what a job!

we're up to our ears in apples here in pennsylvania.

thanks so much for visiting so wabi sabi and entering my giveaway.

have a blessed day!

the nest said...

what a gorgeous part of the world you live in! i've never been to colorado, but your photos gave me a very nice glimpse at what i've been missing - thank you!

the railway photos remind me of how much our 14 yr old loved trains when he was about 3-8 yrs old. now, it's all about his guitar and UofM football games - ah well, so it goes! ;)

apple picking is on this weeks list of activities. we have one very abundant tree in our yard, providing applesauce and pie for many!

best - annri

sara farmama said...

Hi Renee,
These photos are awesome! I will show them to Tom in the morning......he's really gonna want to ride with Jason now! I love the bear pics! I've never seen one in the woods....only in town! Thanks for coming out was so fun to see you!

Marina said...

What a gorgeous wonderful place!

... and OH MY GOODNESS, if we lived near you, I think my boys would make Jason their new best friend forever riding the railroad 24/7 :)!

Love the apples! Love the animals!

Thanks again for the view into your lovely life :)

Anonymous said...

Breath taking. Truly beautiful scenery.


Nicole said...

Renee, your photos are lovely!
It is so beautiful where you live!
And just look at those sweet black bears, we have them around our yard and in our woods too... my husband saw a black bear cub yesterday! All of those apples look wonderful, your little ones are too sweet : )