Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend discoveries

I taught the girls to play hopscotch this weekend. Is that bad that they have never played before? We rarely go to the park either. Always to the forest though! And plenty of hopping around anyhow.

It was nice and sunny when they asked if I would show them, a good use for the out of place square of concrete at the foot of our front steps, but by the time we even finished drawing the squares the dark clouds were moving in. Still a bit of time for play though, they loved it of course... The rain did come and wash it away, but they drew it again, and then it rained again, and then they drew it again, throughout the weekend.

I discovered this too, you may have to look closely to see, drawn on the board, hopscotch for fairy house people, of course.

Chloe discovered a deer's face on this big rock. Do you see it?

I discovered this pretty little broom waiting to sweep the front steps.

And I admired this wild rose growing with the Oregon grape in the flower bed.

The most exciting discovery of all...

the first blooming dandelions! This was a much celebrated moment!

Though Chloe looks pretty excited here too. I have no idea what she is looking at.
And now you know that I still have not pulled that super tall mullein stalk out of the garden bed.

We were all so happy to spend some time working on the garden when it wasn't raining. Our garlic is coming up, the chives are growing super fast, and we planted some first seeds, kale, mustard greens, and some lettuces. We have a little overwintered spinach experiment going on too, hopefully that will be growing well soon. Growing. Happiness...

And one last special picture... Chloe had the camera, the storm was coming, we were about to go in, she took this picture just as the first flash of lightening lit the sky. And then we hurried inside! And it rained and it rained and it rained. And it was so very nice!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful garden. I love the storm picture... Our garden is sprouting with spring goodness, as well. Happy Monday to you!


the nest said...

Once hopscotch entered Hana's play world, it has been a constant; wherever there's a pattern in the floor/carpet/sidewalk she plays hopscotch! It's so fun to watch her enjoy such a simple pastime. :)

The other day, when I spotted something bright yellow across the yard, I assumed it was a piece of litter... it was a dandelion!

kendra said...

i would so trade the park for the forest any day! love the broom & fairy hopscotch (and i also am a fan of mullein) : )

sara farmama said...

Those photos of your beautiful girls in their mama made dresses are timeless. Love em! I'm glad to see that you're enjoying spring's so fun!
Hope to see you guys soon!

suzanne said...


Your days look so good. Your girls look so happy too. Sara is right I would use the word timeless with out hesitation. Is is what I find we are all in some way looking for. Time to slow down to play hop scotch. You have so much to look forward too..That Sun and warmth. Those endless days..mmm. Our day here today probably is our first coldish day of our New Season. This Winter I am going to be Wonder Mama..I am armed with games and good recipes and of course good music. King Winter better watch out!

Our beautiful apron is being shared amoungst the meadow bakers and cooks. Too Deliciously are a wonderful seamstress Renee.

A happy day to you

Melanie said...

Hopscotch- I gotta figure out just how to play it. Ella and Ollie have been drawing "squares" and making up how to play!
Your girls are so sweet- I love the dresses so much! I made Ella a shirt in that style a year or so ago- my mind is working about turning that shirt pattern into a dress!

Marilyn in NM said...

Spring has definitely sprung here, too. It clouds up but you guys up north get the rain, not us. We sure could use it but the Animas is running pretty full so I think our irrigation ditches will do good this Summer.
You have the cutest little girls. My DD, now 30yo, reminds me of your oldest. She was always happy outside, exploring and I always had her in her little prairie dresses. They grow up so fast, enjoy every minute now!
Marilyn in Aztec

Andrea said...

It's Laura and Mary on the prairie. Your girls in those outfits in the garden are gorgeous.

*erin* said...

I love their dresses! Ahhh, I think half the reason I want a little girl (but have two boys) is to make cute little sun dresses:)