Sunday, August 29, 2010

continuing our journey

I had thought that I might write a homeschool post this evening. Not like the recent ones, where I am just catching up on the past year. But more like a.. here we go, beginning our year, deep calming breaths...

I realized this weekend that what needed to happen was not lots more plannings, lists, scheduling... but perhaps a little extra rest, a little creative time for myself, (something that has been neglected the past couple weeks as I felt school time so soon approaching). Long days of play for the girls, with dinner and bedtime a little extra early. And of course enjoying making the house nice and tidy for our new week.

So I feel that we are ready to begin our lessons, but I still don't quite have the time to organize and share my thoughts. Soon though. I hope to share much more here as we go through our year.

And some of you have been offering so much homeschooling inspiration and words of wisdom, thank you thank you thank you!

Now, I really hope you do not mind another set of camping photos. I admit it may be getting to be a little much, I will spare you the remaining 100...

Such tall trees!

This place sure did entice our imaginations!

I love when they love each other so much and just have to be together.

And more important camp chores. We did our best to leave our camp just as we had found it.

When we first made our fire circle we carefully removed the clumps of dirt and vegetation and brought the pieces to a cool spot down by the river.
We filled in the circle before we left and gently placed the plants back into their original homes.

And then we headed back towards our home.

Well wishes to you all as you journey through these coming days!



Bec said...

I love that you whent to such effort to replant the plants and make sure everything was as you left it. Such a beautiful place to camp, I cant wait for summer so we can enjoy the outdoors a bit more.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

What an amazing time - and I appreciate your thoughtfulness for the earth.

I also look forward to hearing more about your home learning progresses.
Many warm wishes, Tonya

Melanie said...

Renee, I love that you carefully put the plants back in their homes: what a wonderful compassionate lesson for your girls. <3
I find that with home schooling, the more relaxed I get, the more willing I am to just let it "be" the more wonderful things happen, and we enjoy learning together all the more!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Ah, can you tell I have a hard time relaxing in this area? I sure do need to learn though!

Sara said...

What a beautiful getaway! I would LOVE to go there.

Wishing you a great first week of school. We are starting the day after Labor Day and easing into a short week. I felt we needed a bit more summer fun. We worked so much farther into the summer due to our big babymoon winter break, that I felt we all needed a little more play time. Plus, I needed some time for reflection and mental work before beginning.:)

peaceful days to you~

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Sara, This is the earliest we have ever begun our year, I usually wait until it is officially autumn, summers are important! But we have had a nice long break and I think Chloe is very ready to get going.
Thanks for peaceful wishes!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

And yes, the personal reflection time. All of our planning may not be worth much if we neglect ourselves in the process!

momma rae said...

not too many camping photos for me! i live vicariously through the gorgeous colorado photos you gals post (for me). ;) LOVE that you put the plants back!

earthboysblog said...

Beautiful Renee. I would love to see more photos. I haven't been able to settle long in places that have no trees! I am a tree lover myself. and school, well.. you can imagine just how organized I am!!!

Sara said...

I loved the camping photos, Renee. Just beautiful! And good for you for taking some time to rejuvenate yourself! That beats lists and schedules any day, hands down! :)