Sunday, November 14, 2010

the light of faithful knowing


Hello dear friends! I do hope everyone has been enjoying beautiful days, with a lovely Martinmas festival if you celebrate it.

Ours was a nice and simple day. Pretty exciting that I was finally able to make one of these star lanterns. I tried two years in a row and this is my first successful one, though far from perfect. I actually gave up twice during the day, but as the late afternoon was growing darker I became once again determined, and suddenly I had it. The watercolor painting I used was one I painted when Chloe was in Kindergarten. The girls took the scrap pieces and decided to cut out a bunch of little stockings to be holiday decorations. Chloe had earlier in the week made such a nice centerpiece with apples and an orange candle on a little tree round, we didn't want to take away the apples so we gathered them around the lantern.

We also brought out our lanterns from last year.

And we read magical stories from Tiptoes Lightly. June Berry and Tom Nutcracker have their lantern festival at school, an angel leads the children on their lantern walk and then tells the the story of St. Martin's Light.

The light of faithful knowing. Such a wonderful thing to celebrate!



Linda said...

Dear Renee,
Your star lantern is so beautiful! I love the colour. Your centrepiece is lovely.
Take care

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Renee, beautiful! Great lantern- I have not tried to make those yet, but would love to.
We also read the Tiptoes story for Martinmas! We love Tiptoes over here!

Heather said...

All of the lanterns are just gorgeous, and I admire the simplicity and beauty of your celebration. Hope you are enjoying some chillier autumn weather.

earthboysblog said...

It is so beautiful Renee, I'm glad you persevered and made the star lantern it's lovely with the apple centerpiece Chloe made. Fabien has made the dodecahedron lantern, he's much better at making these than I am. A few children arrive in a little while to enjoy the lantern walk with the boys. Sasha and Sania are waiting for them at the duck pond. I posted a photo on my blog of the granny square blanket my grandmother made for me. Send you all lots of love and light! xxx

Dawn said...

The lanterns are beautiful. It sounds like you had a lovely Martinmas.

Sara said...

Such beautiful lanterns, especially your star lantern. It sounds like a perfect day. :)

Woodspritemama said...

beautifully simple and perfect for this festival! :)

a little crafty nest said...

I love that..."the light of faithful knowing". So beautifully put. And the success you had with your wonderful lantern was so timely, indeed.
xo Jules

Kelly said...

Hi dear Renee. I love your star lantern. We also love the Tiptoes Lightly tales you mention. Always so good to visit you here. Peace and warmth to you and your family.
Best wishes