Monday, December 20, 2010

Advent, Mary, Solstice, Snow, Rain??


First it snowed. And snowed and snowed. And then it rained. Craziness. Pouring pouring rain. Our seasons seem to be a bit confused this year. It sure is plenty cold though, so really it may as well snow, tomorrow is the first day of winter after all...

I have been quite busy with gift making, though it is likely I have spent way too much time on this advent calendar. I have already asked the family to please realize that the calendar is a big part of their Christmas present this year. I think they are pleased.

Mary brought big smiles when the girls saw her Sunday morning.

(Sorry, poor pictures, I didn't even get a chance to take these photos until past dark tonight, but still wanted to share..)

Our little angel even found a nice spot to hover above everyone, guiding all with her shining star of course.

There is still lots of sewing to do, a bit of knitting, Jason has a woodworking project going on, and the girls have been busy little elves. I guess I will have to fill you in on all the handmade holiday gifts after Christmas.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Winter Solstice and start our holiday baking by making Snowdrop Cookies. We plan to do much more baking on Christmas Eve day, finally putting this vintage cookie press we have to good use. Fun! And the day before Christmas Eve is my birthday. Quite eventful around here! (For us at least...)

Wishing you all wonderful happy beautiful cozy holiday celebrations with your families!
Blessings and love to all!!!



the nest said...

Your Mary is beautiful. You have created an heirloom.

Happy Birthday, Renee! I hope your day is filled with light & warmth.

best ~ Annri

gardenmama said...

Dear Renee,
Your needle felted figures are absolutely stunning! Mary is so beautiful and perfect in every way! I love that this was a gift to the girls, I think gifts like these are the most important and the most memorable. I hope you enjoy a very happy, happy birthday!!! xoxo

softearthart said...

Oh my, Mary is beautiful as is your arrangement. cheers Marie

a little crafty nest said...

Renee, Oh, this is just simply beautiful! And Mary is so, well, divine!!! I hope your birthday is wonderful and snowy! Blessings to you on your year ahead:)
xo Jules

Linda said...

Mary is so beautiful Renee!
What a lovely Advent scene... Wishing you all a wonderful Solstice and Christmas.

Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

You are so skilled at creating objects of beauty. Mary is gorgeous. Are those silk robes that she has flowing about her?

Warmest wishes to you all during the coming festivities. (We have a birthday thrown into the festive party mix too).

Blessings and light...

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Beautiful, beautiful, Renee! Hugs to you on your birthday- I am also a winter-born- though your "younger sister." ;)

earthboysblog said...

Mary is so sweet and beautifully made. I see much love and care is taken in your needle felting. Your manger display is so precious for the girls, I'm sure they love it. My children love these little seasonal tables, they light up with joy every time they see them. You do have a very festive season with your birthday coming up, a Christmas babe you were to, how wonderful enjoy this very special night with your family - Will be thinking of you. Love Jeanene

moment to moment said...

So beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

kendra said...

happiest of happy birthdays to you, renee!!! <3

Earth Mama said...

Happy birthday Renee!!! I hope you enjoyed your day to the fullest today. Your advent calendar and creations are so beautiful. That Mary...gasp, just lovely. Enjoy your holiday baking. We will be doing lots of that tomorrow as well, so I will be thinking of you! Merry Christmas!

Love, Lisa

suzanne said...

Dear Renee'

I do not think I have ever seen such a beautiful advent display. Well done you wonderful mama...Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Renee. I have so enjoyed the visits to this wonderful space.

Lots of love

Beth said...

Dear Renee,
your advent display is so beautiful! I'm sure your girls will treasure the memory of this first special year with it. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and very merry Christmas! We were driving home from Disney all day on my birthday, but we had a lovely breakfast out, and it was actually quite peaceful and relaxing to sit in the car and do some fun last minute sewing. Happy New Year and warm, cozy wishes for you and your sweet family!

kyndale said...

What a great birthday to have! Happy Birthday and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. xo Kyndale

Sarah said...

I love your Mary with such a beautiful, encircling gesture. A merry Christmas.

momma rae said...

your mary is stunning!! you are so talented with the felting needles....okay, everything you touch. i would like to know how you did that little arch trick with your backdrop. i never like how my silks looks when i hang them behind our nature table but your is so sharp and attractive. xoxoxo