Monday, April 18, 2011

Fairy Hollow


The girls have lots of games that they love to play while outside. Sometimes they build villages for families of little people. Often these villages are made of mud, usually there is a bakery filled with many, many mud delights, or at the least "ma" is very busy with (mud) baking day.

But a definite favorite is "fairy houses". Every spring the building begins anew, usually in a spot different than the year before.

This year there are more possibilities for fairy houses since there is also the 40 acre property down the road where keep our horses. A perfect site has already been found. (Probably the first perfect spot of many.)

There has been much talk, especially from Chloe, of how she truly truly believes in the fairies. Not just fairies, but other little nature folk too. After all, she found a gnome home just last summer.

She also thinks that there are probably not so many bad fairies anymore. If there weren't too many very long ago, and now there are even less fairies, then there are probably hardly any mean ones left.

There is also a lot of wishing and wondering... Will they ever see the fairies for themselves?

They have created such a special little space down in this fairy hollow. We are imagining how lovely it will be as the leaves begin to appear and enclose them in their magical little world.

Mom and dad have found a "perfect" spot here too. A spot for a wonderful new garden, to grow food that will feed our family throughout the year.

Oh yes, while the girls have been playing with the fairies, we have been very busy in this new garden. (Though the girls of course help out in the garden sometimes too.) There may be not much more than a lot of dirt to show for it yet, but it holds much promise. I look forward to sharing more about it with you soon!

I have some sewing projects to share also, new tops for the girls and even one for me. You see the one I made for Chloe here, this kinda wild green and blue paisley vintage fabric. I think it looks really nice one her...

Lots going on in this bustling spring season.
Hope you have all been enjoying many wonderful days!



momma rae said...

oh how my heart would sing for sienna to be right there with them. so many times i visit your space here and tears fall softly down my cheeks. i miss you sweet friend and oh how i wish i could be with candice and you at this time in my life.

on a lighter note...i sewed a skirt for sienna! it was an exciting step for me. i hope to make more clothes for her this summer. love you!! xoxoxo

a little crafty nest said...

Dear Renee, I have been thinking about you a lot, and have meant to send a special "hello". I love the fairy homes...a favourite for me, still! And of course, I always love love love the clothing your girls wear. There must be some etsy shop awaiting you and your creations...I will be a first customer! I wonder if you will be joining Melanie and me in knitting up that cardigan? Please...
xo Jules

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Renee, I've been wondering how you're doing and what you're up to!
Yes, yes Ella truly believes too, and so do Ollie and Asa. Ella thinks she's seen little blurs that must be fairies- and sometimes they disguise themselves as butterflies too, did you know?
I can't wait to see your creations- garden, sewing, all of it.

the little gnomes home said...
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the little gnomes home said...

A lovely post.....what a beautiful childhood your girls have :)

angie said...

lovely fairy garden! My kiddos just have started with some new fairy houses this spring as well. So nice to see them outside enjoying themselves and their wonderful imagination.

sheepish said...

I honestly don't think I could come up with a better way to spend a day or week or year or etenity!
Fairy houses and gardening....count me in.

Soili said...

Such a beautiful post, full of childhood magic!

Anonymous said...

That first picture is positively magical! I wonder if you'd be willing to share how your girls came to love fairies, wee folk and other such magical creatures? It's so wonderful! Good luck with the garden - we just did all of our planting yesterday! :-)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Renee, It has been a little time since I have caught up with you. Love your girls' fairy hollows.Sweet.

earthboysblog said...

So sweet, I wonder what creations would come about if their were little boys in their company. My little ones create those wonderful little homes and forts to.. a lot of it is built with trucks or with sticks they collect. I must post some of them. It doesn't matter where we go there is always a place to build a home... for their little moose or a fairy. They tell me they see fairies sometimes. Pretty little paisley top... you are talented! Their hair is so long now. xxx

Catherine said...

Oh fairy house season! Isn't it wonderful how they still believe and hopefully will keep believing in fairies?

W-S Wanderings said...

Yes, yes - fairy house season! My Middling has been talking fairy houses lately too. What a perfect spot your girls have found for their imaginations to let loose. And I love how you've documented their thoughts on it all. Precious.

That shirt you've created is FABULOUS! I LOVE paisley prints. And vintage. And homemade. Can't wait to see the rest of your sewing!

Yasmin said...

My daughter and I are also very much into fairies. We have a beautiful fairy tapestry in her room and we are planning on planting a fairy garden this year. Thanks for the beautiful post. Your daughter is so pretty and I love her new top.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

What a sweet post. The blouse you made for your daughter is wonderful - I love the style. How nice to be outside without coats on.
Warm wishes, Tonya

My Child's Diary said...

I have just found your blog, and enjoy every single word of your thoughts. There are so many lines that are similar to our way of living. I am so grateful for finding this space.
And the clothing you sew for your daughters is just beautiful. The blouse here is dreamy. Do you use patterns for your sewing? Something you might recommend for the less creative people than yourself?
May you have a fresh spring...
Thank you,

6512 and growing said...

I think your girls might be fairies themselves!
Enjoy these spring days!

suzanne said...

Good morning Renee

This is what my children do often..I know they feel passionately about the places they create for the fairys. Can you just imagine being a child again and making a little home near the trees trunk..I wish for them that special experience of if not seeing but feeling something there..

A beautiful top Renee. I just love the fabric..all set and full of inspiration for Summer.

Love to you and your family
A happy Easter to you too~

Lots of love

Jamie said...

I just found your blog from farmama's, I LOVE this shirt! Did you follow a pattern or did you wing it? I would love to make one for my daughters.