Wednesday, August 29, 2012

big sister knitting for baby!



Do you see that adorable little baby bootie? Knit by big sister, who a couple days ago felt that she simply must knit something for baby right that moment. (I know how she feels!) Chloe has been knitting since first grade (and she is in 6th now, oh my goodness!) but she has never followed a pattern or gone much beyond knitting and purling. (Hens and roosters are her specialty, along with doll clothes and accessories...) So we spent some time sitting together and worked our way through this pattern. (Unfortunately the pattern had quite a few mistakes, I am gad we were able to figure it out.) So now Chloe has learned how to read a knitting pattern, how to increase with knitting front and back, how to make an eyelet row, and how to do short rows! She is going to start the next one today, and Chessa is going to braid little ties for them. Sweet big sisters, sweet little baby knits.

As far as reading goes, the stacks of books around our house sometimes seem to be taking over. I pulled this one off the shelf a while ago, The Incarnating Child by Joan Salter. I had this book when Chessa was very little, but not before she was born or when she was a baby, I am happy to be able to read it again at this time. Some people may find parts to be a little out there (anthroposophically speaking) but it really resonates with me. Such an important task we as parents have given to help these little souls gently incarnate on earth.

Thanks to Ginny for hosting these fun Yarn Alongs.
(And thank you Ginny for so much more!)

Happy knitting and reading to all!



a little crafty nest said...

Oh Renee, you know I love this book, too! Especially the parts about children's artwork and becoming more connected to their earthly existence with houses. I think the only part I disagree with is how long to nurse for...but that's ok. It is a gem of wisdom. I love that your girls are embracing the care of your wee one already...such good sisters! And one fabulous booty!!!
xo Jules

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Yes Jules, I know you love the book (I wonder if you have Mothering With Soul? If that's what it's called...)

I agree with you on the disagreeing about nursing part. I was re-reading it yesterday, trying to understand where Steiner was coming from, but still I do not agree...
So much other wisdom and beauty in the book though.

(I was just thinking of you when you sent this comment!)

Plain and Joyful Living said...

How great! I have been thinking lots about what a blessing the girls will be to your new baby.
Wishing you a beautiful day,

momto5 said...

booties made by big sister? perfect! and that book sounds interesting. musty find it!

Sara said...

What a precious time this must be for you all. Big sister knitting is the sweetest. What a wonderful job she did!

Alisa said...

what a wonderful big sister! My oldest girl knits as well.....learned at around 8 and is now 18 and knitting still! Tell her her bootie is sweet!!

Anonymous said...

It is so a wonderful, warm and peaceful place this little soul will incarnate.
It will be a special quality to have two big sister who care too.
I often think on you and hope you could quit your job for some time.

all the best to you and your family


Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, that's about the sweetest thing: the big sister bootie! It really warms my heart! And it's a beautiful bootie. :)
I have read and enjoyed "Mothering With Soul."

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Also about the book, I hope no one would think what I wrote meant Steiner disagreed with breastfeeding, Jules and I are talking about his views on extended nursing.

Also by the way, Chloe is busy sewing doll clothes and doing doll laundry today and hasn't started the other bootie yet, but I will be sure to show you the pair when finished. Thank you all for appreciating the big sister knitting!

And, Heike, thank you, I have thought of you and it is so nice to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Precious memories for both of you.

Ginny said...

that little bootie is perfect! beautiful knitting, Chloe!