Sunday, September 15, 2013

and so many other things...


When I wrote the other day (weeks ago now!) there were so many other things I was going to say. But then Chessa and I were making that list, and I just went with that instead.

I was going to tell you about the beautiful blue flax flowers...

When Chloe was born, and for her first two years of life, just outside our little mountain cabin grew the beautiful blue flax flowers. And all the sumer mornings, when we first walked out the front door to greet the day, the flowers, the trees... we (I) would say, "Good morning beautiful little blue flax flowers."

We do not live with the little blue flax flowers anymore. But if ever they come across our path we always give them the same greeting.

And someday we shall live with them again.

~ ~ ~

Always, there are so many other things...

I actually started writing this post on paper. I am just more awful than ever about computer time.

(Perhaps not such a bad thing, other people seem to have trouble resisting the computer. I, on the other  hand, can hardly force myself to get anything done on it...)

(Then again, I was just distracted by a lovely Pinterest sewing board.)

Really though I am more of a books and notebooks, pencil and paper kind of person.

But sometimes I miss this little blog space, and often I very much miss my blog friends.

And along comes September, and here am I posting pictures from July.
Which doesn't make so much sense with photos of babies and gardens, cause both grow so so fast.
But at least it's not like knitting, when the baby outgrows the bonnet (socks, pants, etc..) before it is even cast off.

Baby. Gardens.
Knitting. Sewing.
Homeschool planning.
Waldorf happiness. Reading lots of Steiner.

The other evening at the land, while preparing for our camp dinner, Jason said, "If only we had some potatoes." And then we remembered that we did have potatoes, growing in the ground, and we could harvest some if we wanted to. Which we did.

I am going to try to keep up a little better here...



Mama Shara said...

I'm completely the same! I often have to wipe the layer of dust off of the laptop before I turn it on... Computer time just doesn't appeal to me. I'm glad you do update though! I love coming into your space, seeing what you're up to and your 3 beautiful girls (I've 3 handsome boys)! X Shara (Australia)

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, I love you!
Do you know, I have started posts on paper before too! I can process my thoughts out so much easier in real writing. This day we are in, I wonder about. So much less paper and more computers.
I love your blue flax story. I can completely imagine it, and I have similar flower friends too (thistles!).

Guess what? I have packing tape now. So I can mail your box with the books in it.

Love you my dear!

Lori ann said...

you are so completely lovely renee, don't change, just keep on the way you have.

this post is so delicious, i had the strongest desire to eat the greens you first pictured and to pick up and hold your exquisite baby. all your girls are gorgeous.

"good morning little blue flax flowers" such a beautiful image you've shared, i hope you do see them soon. have a wonderful week dear friend.
xxxx lori

W-S Wanderings said...

Such beautiful girls. I can't believe how much your littlest has grown!

It seems I never get my photos/posts done in seasonal time either. And really, we are in the thick of a very busy season of family at this stage. Doesn't leave much room for online visiting and sharing. And that is totally okay.


Plain and Joyful Living said...

I miss you Renee - oh that little one - she is sooooo sweet!

SuzyQ said...

What beautiful and peaceful pictures. It sounds like a you are living a life infused with that same gentleness and peace :)

Kelly said...

Hello dear Renee
It has been so long since I have caught up. I too have become awful with time on the computer (although it has a positive side too). I am trying to make more effort. Such a beautiful, beautiful little girl. What a blessing!. How I would love to see those flax flowers of yours. So much beauty in your world. Love to you, Kelly

Amélie said...

Dear Renee,
Thank you for yoru visit and comment. I've found your blog some time ago and was immediately in love with your peacuful atmosphere and beautiful girls. I was very touched by one of your last posts, "Everyday riches". Thank you for sharing these precious moements here.

Celebrate the Rhythm of Life said...

Precious. I thought the rattle was going to pop up in the potatoes. (too much time online and not enough time in the potatoes)

Me too, I write blog posts in my head and then forget them.

Lots of love,