Monday, October 7, 2013

notes from the weekend...


... accompanied by those way too many baby pictures I mentioned the other day.
(Because Mel and Jules encouraged me.) (But I already knew they would want to see them...)
(And also just cause, just for us.)

On Saturday morning Jason and the girls went to town to do our errands and pick up our raw milk. At about the time I was expecting them home, they called to say they were delayed. They had to make an unexpected stop, but they would be home soon, and they had a big surprise. I was unable to think of what it could be, for about 2 seconds, and then I realized that they must have found some apple trees.

Apples, apples, apples!!! I nearly danced around the house with Elsa, happily singing apple songs, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the harvest.

There was only a brief moment when I let my enthusiasm dampen, realizing that I could be wrong, and maybe there weren't any apples.

But oh yes, apples apples apples!

Hmm.. You would think I might have some lovely apple photos to share...

You might also think that Sunday was a day full of apple chopping, saucing, etc...
But no, it was not.
I guess it had something to do with scissors, needle, thread. Fabric, sewing machines. Things like that.
Thank goodness apples don't turn as quickly as peaches.
(Did I even mention this year's visit to the abandoned peach orchard?)

Looks like today will be filled with a little bit of homeschool lesson time and a whole lot of apples.
Hopefully there will still be some moments for handwork.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead!

p.s. Babies sitting on top of tables is not very safe. But it is pretty cute. And apparently quite fun for baby.



Plain and Joyful Living said...

Good morning Renee -
Beautiful pictures of such a sweet little girl. I would be dancing about apples too. The apples harvested from our two trees are just about gone... One more pie to be made.
Enjoy your day.
Love, Tonya

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, so it was apples!!! Yay!
And baby photos! I'll bet you just cannot get enough of those soft rolly baby legs. I love baby knees, baby thighs. . . I miss that! How blessed you all are to have Elsa Willow. :)
And now I wonder what you were sewing. . . .!
Love you!

Laura said...

yay apples and those legs are just so scrummy, I'd like to know too what you have been sewing :-)

Jules said...

My dear friend, Renee...Well, good! I wanted to see that delicious little one of yours. She's already sitting so tall and playing with her little felty bits. Oh how swiftly and sweetly it all passes by!!! And those knees, oh my! Those knees are utterly scrumptious!!! Little Elsa is a darling.
xo Jules

the habit of being said...

precious! and i love those little knee rolls :)

Redbeet Mama said...

Wow! You go Mama! You have been posting! I need to catch up. Oh and that smile on your little girls!!!

Love Mamas like you,