Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Sewing

Since my sewing has been looking much more colorful than the garden I thought I would share a few pictures. Towards the end of winter I started getting obsessed (again) with the 30's reproduction prints, pastels and brights, anything that reminded that spring was coming! I cut so many squares, with no real plan on how I would use them. This was how the girls were greeted above the table on the first day of spring.

I think these fabrics will keep me busy for a while. (But I can't help but look forward to some autumn sewing!)

And here is my summer girl! Red is not my favorite color, but Chloe loves it, and I think that because of her it is growing on me. I gave her some of this fabric for her birthday last year. Then we needed to get some more to make her a top and matching skirt.

But I think that this simple dress is my favorite thing I have made lately. Chessa calls it her lemon dress. Ha ha, no it's not yellow, obviously there are no lemons on it, it's linen. I am working on a pattern in Chloe's size next. I have lots of ideas for variations on this dress. I think it will be nice for autumn too with a long sleeve underneath.

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