Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday

(Again on Tuesday evening. I tried to schedule it for Wednesday morning, but for some reason it is insisting on publishing now.)

I finally finished my needle felted autumn woman! This is the first felted figure I have done besides my little gnome, and I am pretty happy with her. She was so much fun to create, and as I went along I kept imagining more and more possibilities.

I kept her pretty simple, adding just one tiny orange flower in the back of her hair.

And although she wasn't yet on our nature table on November 1st, she was sitting there before midnight. She greeted the girls the next morning... they are in love with her.

I also got some more knitting done this past week. I still hadn't finished my wool hat, it sat on the needles for two months, but when I saw a forecasted low of 9 degrees last week I quickly finished it up!

And I am happy to say that I did meet my goal of finishing the two Waldorf dolls by November 1st. Unless you count their clothes, which I am not. I did start their dresses though. I will wait until next week to share some pictures of them.

Now, finally, I can turn my attention to the girls gifts for the holidays. My head is full of ideas!


sara farmama said...

She's beautiful Renee! Well worth the wait!
love from sara

Kelly said...

Renee, she's turned out beautifully!

Heather said...

Oh Renee, she is SO beautiful. What an amazing job you did. I so wish that I could needle felt. Do you have any good resources for learning?
If so, would you mind emailing me at

momma rae said...

she so gorgeous! i love that about needlefelting...the endless possibilities. congratulations on a finished goal (more than one!). ;)

Marina said...

She is beautiful! I've been wanting to do a wool doll for our nature table, you've inspired me (and I hope mine turm=ns out half as lovely!)

SugarMama said...

Wow she is really beautiful! Your color choices are gorgeous.

the nest said...

Your Autumn table doll is enchanting! The whole nature table is very pretty.

Thank you for the comment(s) on my blog, I really like the feedback. Replying is still a mystery to me, so I'll reply here, ok? And I'm going to add your blog to my google reader to stay up-to-date on your goings on... :)

leaningapplemama said...

i really love your autumn nature lady...she is totally beautiful. i have started a lantern walk felting but have yet to finish just motivated me...i love the wip posts because they remind me to get to work:) hope you are well. xo, pennie

... said...

your autumn woman is so is you beautiful nature table...very inspiring!

Kimberley Lynch said...

Oh she is lovely! I haven't done any needle felting yet...maybe someday!
PS-thank you for your words over on my blog.

Anonymous said...

she's just beautiful! thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

She is so very beautiful Renee! I am happy you were able to finish her, she certainly is a special piece on your lovely nature table. The colors you have chosen are so gentle and warm!

Angela Mobley said...

nice work! Sheis lovely...congrats on the dolls...I love your passion for making.

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

nice work!! I want to make one of these dolls but I am so afraid with my wool loving cats :P
Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh she is absolutely perfect! i love the whole look of your nature table!!

Michelle said...

She's just beautiful, and your nature table is wonderful! I've been wanting to learn to needle felt, seeing this is such an inspiration!

Happy Autumn!!

goldenbird said...

Your needle felted autumn woman is so pretty. I love the shades of orange, and she looks so nice on the nature table. I like needle felting but haven't attempted a figure like that yet.

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog, Renee.

Cadi said...

Renee -

I also left this comment on my blog, but I thought I'd just answer your questions here in response to this blog post:

Do you have a good Santa Lucia story resource? Are you doing more the Swedish tradition or the Italian one? I have songs by the way. I could send you a xerox copy. One very lovely song was written for our school by a grades teacher. Very lovely. E-mail me at chocolatelilies [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in receiving them.

Anyhoo. On to your questions. I'm thinking I will take some pictures as everyone makes these next time, so that it will be easier to see what I'm talking about.

We took a long piece of floral wire, 22 calibre to be specific. Basically the crown part needs to be about 12" and then have the ties attached to the ends. The wire piece you are starting off with is much longer, though, about 45" because every two inches you are going to bend "up" a 3" loop which becomes the candle & you are also going to have about a 1" "loop" at each end in addition to the 2" space to attach the ties. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but basically the wire frame with the candles is all one piece. Make lil' loops at the ends that then will allow for easy attachment of the ties.

Then start wrapping the wire base you created. Start with the candle flame, then wrap the candles down to the base. Make the ties and attach them before wrapping the base in green. That way you can wrap over them a bit, creating a neat look. Then wrap the base with green. For the leaves we used what a local fiber diva calls pre-felt. Take a garbage bag & lay out the wool in thin layers. Spray the whole thing with water. Roll it up. Stick it into a pantyhose & throw in the dryer. 15 minutes later - Voila! - A piece of thin, whispy prefelt. Cut the leaves from the prefelt and needle-felt them into shape as needed. Attach them to the green wrapped base. Since the candles were white, we felt (no pun intended... haha) that there needed to be a tad of color, thus everyone added red holly berries by simply rolling little pieces of wool into balls & then attaching them with a felting needle.

The ties are made from braided wool yarn by the way.

I think that's all.

I will take more pictures at the next get-together in two weeks.

Hope that helps.
Bright blessings to you!

Cadi said...

P.S. I just realized that calling it a 3" loop is misleading. It's actually a 6" loop. The candles are 3" tall, so 3" to go up the candle & 3" to go back down.