Sunday, November 1, 2009

Orange! (part 1)

Sara posted a color game, passing along the color orange, so I have been taking pictures of some of the orangeness around our home. Very easy to do, because orange is definitely one of my favorite colors! As a matter of fact, I think this will have to be a two part post, I ended up with so many pictures!

Obviously the fact that it was Halloween contributed a lot to the orange.

Chloe is looking quite orange herself. (But if I was doing the color brown I would post this one for those big brown eyes!)

The day after Halloween seemed to revolve around pumpkin seeds. Sorting seeds, rinsing, seeds, toasting seeds, eating seeds, stringing seeds on thread for decorations... more wonderful gifts from those big beautiful pumpkins!

A favorite Halloween story...

And our own pumpkin moonshines. The basket belongs to Little Red Cap (Chloe). She included some pumpkin cookies to be eaten up on the little mountain across the road... we took an evening forest walk as the sky was becoming dark...

Chessa was Little Pink Cap! (Thank goodness the girls are very easy to please as far as costumes go. I made these hooded cloaks several years ago.)

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Ours ended up feeling rather festive, though simple, and really made me excited for this upcoming season of celebration.

I will be back soon with part two...


Kelly said...

Looks like your family had a lovely Halloween celebration, Renee. Lots of lovely oranges. Such a vibrant, happy colour.
Happy day to you!

Lisa said...

Lovely post. Orange is such a pleasant color. Very sweet costumes! I,too, am looking forward to the upcoming festivities!
Have a great week!

Marina said...

Orange is one my favorite colors too! Doesn't Autumn just make you so happy?

I love the girls cloaks, so very sweet!