Monday, March 1, 2010

happy monday moments

I had a pair of pink stripe knee high socks. They were my favorite. Pink. Stripes. Knee highs. Lots to love.

Plaid makes me happy too.

March makes me happy too!

(older photo, this is most certainly not March here!)

I could make a list of 100 ways my family makes me happy. Many more ways than that really...

A tree, a forest, a river... more than happy.

Words... kind words shared so generously by many of you. Thank you for that kindness!

We had a very nice weekend. There was a little bit of knitting and a lot of sewing. Health returning. I did a lot to make sure we were ready for Monday. Something I always try to do actually. On Monday's I try to get a really good start to the work week so that hopefully some of the other days will not be quite so intense. We do just a bit of school work in the morning, today it was some math practice and then a story. Tomorrow I won't work in the morning and we will get in some good lesson time. (Really, honestly, I will be doing homeschool posts again. It just seems that sometimes doing the school work and writing about, and photographing it, well it's perhaps a bit too much all at once...)

So I made sure we had a good nurturing weekend for ourselves. Creating, baking, planning some meals for the week. And I made sure that I was emotionally prepared! I made sure that I spent some time close with the girls this morning before I started working. I even took time for some yoga. And then I had a long but pretty good and productive day.

And I was sure to have happy thoughts and have happy moments.

So, about those great pink knee highs... I lost them a few years ago. I could never figure out what could have possibly happened to them. I was sad that they were gone forever. And then today I found them!


Lily Boot said...

I love to use our weekends as a nuturing time as well - plenty of quiet, family, creative, happy time to prepare for the busyness of the week. p.s. I love knee high socks too - I love wearing them in autumn before it becomes too cold :-)

leaningapplemama said...

how awesome that you found those knee highs?! i really like reading posts about people being happy for all sorts of just put a smile on my face! thanks. xo, pennie

momma rae said...

i know how you love your knee highs girl! so glad you found your faves. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh cool, you found them!! I would love to hear about your homeschooling!

Earth Mama said...

Wow. AMazing what comes back when we remember to see happiness. What metaphorical discovery! I love the picture of you and your family. So beautiful.


Melanie said...

This is such a lovely post~ Our weekends are much the same- our time to both wind down and spend time together, and to prepare for the coming week. I love the weekends. :)
I'll be looking forward to seeing more home school posts!
And I love knee highs too!

Heather said...

What a great post Renee. I love those moments when my family real comes together and spend quality time together. THe nurturing that we can all provide to each other helps in those moments when we are apart or busy