Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday ~ Little Lamb

I have lots of spring crafting thoughts going through my head these days! There is so much great inspiration out there too. (Rhythm of the Home!)

So this here is what I call Angela's Little Lamb. She has written a wonderful poem as well which some of you may have seen in Living Crafts. I believe the pattern will be published on their website soon, but Angela had sent it to me a while ago. This is the first animal I have knitted other than hens and chicks, which are obviously as simple as can be. Hard to photograph a dark brown lamb, I would have preferred to knit it in natural colored wool, but this was all I had at the moment and I really wanted to get started. The girls are thrilled with him... we think it is him... He was half finished when the girls got sick. One day Chessa fell asleep on the couch with him in her little hand. His legs were not sewn on yet but he was already loved. I must confess though that he still has no tail.

Little lamb is standing in a flower meadow that the girls made. Do you see all those little flowers... teeny tiny ones cut carefully from fabric... It really is very pretty. To see the wonderful things that are created by my children makes me very happy.

Wishing you all many happy creating moments too!


the nest said...

he is so wee and precious! i <3 him too. i think he is very happy in that love-filled meadow!

momma rae said...

yay for your sweet little lamb! i love him and the tiny flowers. looking forward to finding living crafts in my mailbox again! ;)

sara farmama said...

He's really cute Renee! Good job! That was probably really fun to knit up! I hope you all are feeling better! Oh....Chessa left her shoes here....I forgot to give them to Jason the other day.

Nicole Spring said...

Oh it's so sweet :) Thank you for your kind words and your e-mail the other day, I am so sorry I am so far behind!! I am getting caugt up soon!!

kendra said...

sweet lamby, renee! love his field, too!

Naturalearthfarm said...

So sweet Renee.
Warm wishes,

Angela Mobley said...

Oh Renee! HE is beautiful!!!! Thank you, thank you so much for testing the pattern...obviously it went well!
The pattern should be up on their site probably March 9---the newsstand date. So exciting!



Linda said...

He is so beautiful Renee! And the little flowers in the field are precious:)

Lisa said...

He is so sweet! My youngest loves little things that fit into her hand, when you said your little one fell asleep with the little lamby in her hand (w/out the legs), it reminds me so much of Araina.

Love the teeny tiny flowers!

Melanie said...

Very sweet lamb! And even sweeter how your girls love him so!

Heather said...

The lamb is so beautiful, and I love that your girls made the flower meadow. So wonderful