Friday, June 18, 2010

~ this moment ~ (followed by 10 joyful things)

Inspired by Amanda Soule - (a single moment, no words, but you know there is quite a bit to say about this one, for now I will leave it till later...)

Yesterday Amanda posted 10 things that are bringing her joy, I decided to join in with that too, here is my spontaneous list...

1. wide open windows
2. and listening to the nearly never-ending birdsong coming through the windows
3. and a garden that is finally growing in a very noticeable way
4. and a garden that gets me outside for a good amount of time every single day.
5. and if the girls are not out in the garden with me I can hear their happy play and laughter coming from the house
6. and my oldest is about to turn 10 and still she plays and plays and plays
7. and just yesterday I was thinking how wonderful, my girls have spent just about every day of their life playing and playing and playing
8. and sometimes that play includes good hard work, and they like that
9. and they now seem to think there is not anything that they need for their play that they cannot create themselves, and that is so great
10. and we will be creating and learning together as a family forever and that is one of the best things ever

(I also want to say a quick thank you, thank you, thank you too all who left supportive comments on my last homeschool post. Much appreciated, I started to reply in the comments, got too long, and I'm never sure if people actually go back and look in the comments for replies? We will just have to continue that conversation in the next homeschool post...)

Wishing you all many joyful moments this weekend!


.::Our Waldorf Home Mama::. said...

Awww you have horses??!!! Beautiful and wonderful your life must be! Your blog is a wonderful resource and a great inspiration to me!


Heather said...

What gorgeous horses. So many moments of joy Renee, I hope that you have a great weekend ahead.

Oh, and BTW, I am coming your way soon to pick fruit with the boys (at least twice this season. We have to get our schedules together and finally meet up :))


beautiful photo, and that list!!! oh my, brought a little tear to my eye!

Melanie said...

This is beautiful, Renee! What a wonderful and peaceful life, so full of joy and simplicity!
My oldest girl is 9- and I always feel such joy that she is still such a little girl- who can play with her baby doll and in the mud, with abandon. 9 and 10 is still a little child- and I see everywhere children that age who have grown up too early.
Creating and learning together as a family- what a perfect life!
AND- you have horses?! Oh my! Oh Ella has wanted horses so badly for so long!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Now we see what that beautiful fence is for!
Your 10 joyful things are great - I also appreciate that our children stay children for a good long time and are creative.
Warm wishes for a beautiful weekend.

leaningapplemama said...

i love to hear that your kids just play and play. i remember playing for a long long time as well and really isn't that how it should be! those horses are beautiful...are they yours?! i so want to learn to ride someday...!! xo, pennie

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

You tease!!!!! I can not WAIT to see/hear more. Are they for the girls?!!! <3 <3 I need to catch up on our e-mails, I miss you!!!!

sara farmama said...

They're beautiful Renee! I can't wait to meet them face to face. Your fence came out so nice. Good job you guys! I've been meaning to call you, but these days are just slipping by so fast lately.

Kelly said...

You are a beautiful, gentle, mama, Renee. Such beautiful things to hold on to and love.
Richest blessings to you and your family.

momma rae said...

look at jason's babies!! beautiful list, sweet mama. ;)

kendra said...

oh my goodness! i thought maybe goats - but the fencing didn't look proper either. HORSES! congratulations! i can't wait to hear more about this adventure!

6512 and growing said...

A beautiful gratitude list.

Anonymous said...

Nice list! :)

heather said...

wow. i love how you painted a picture of them playing playing playing. and how much i can feel the love in your family just from this little list. i don't know what's up with those horses, but it looks good!!! and yes, maybe we'll go lamb's quarters foraging over the next few fun.

earthboysblog said...
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earthboysblog said...

Renee are these your horses? they are beautiful, look so gentle.

I can relate to what you say about your girls, just playing and playing,, isn't it so wonderful. I feel this about my boys. I was thinking how nice it is that Sasha almost 8 still loves to play with cars and trucks in the sand, and that I can spend most days doing what I need to do because they play so beautifully together.