Tuesday, October 5, 2010

creating ~ sewing and granny squares


Oh, you would not believe the amount of time I spend obsessing over these granny squares.

The basic pattern was so easy, but deciding on the best way to join on the new colors kept me contemplating and experimenting for days. (And these days were scattered over weeks, so it was slow progress.) I finally just committed to a little project, took notes on my pattern as I went, and I think I now have it just the way I want it. (Although in these red and orange squares I was joining a different way... One thing I have learned in my dedicated attempts is that there is not always only one right way, and it can't always be perfect. Even if I really really want it to be...)

Now I am ready to get started on our very own family granny square afghan!

(As soon as I finish my little autumn sampler project.)

I am enjoying having these little granny squares around to work on if I should happen to have the time. They have been keeping me company while I have not had much time for sewing.

I did make Chloe this new top a little while ago. I had this pretty vintage calico to use, and she looks so nice in blue. I will probably be making many more tops like this for both of the girls. I like the simple style.

This skirt is actually one I made about 5 years ago. (I just had to count, whoa, that long...) It was a very long skirt at the time, fortunately it's still well below her knees. I love that she has been wearing it all these years.

And I love that it just happens to go so well with the new blue top.

Another sewing project from the summer. Chloe's "down to her ankles" birthday skirt. Goodness that child is getting tall!

I love the pleats. I love pleats. Did you know that? I love pleats.

This skirt was hard to photograph. So long! Another one she will be wearing for many many years.

This is her saying "Can we pleeeaase read now?"

"Of course my dear."

So this is kind of like a Work In Progress Wednesday post. Except for it is Tuesday. But I often did my posts on Tuesday night anyway, so I guess this can count too.

I would love to hear about what you have been making...??
Happy creating!!!



the nest said...

Your sewing projects are so pretty. The girls are very lucky! I've been granny-squaring too; I plan to stitch them to the top of a pincushion square/pillow. I've got so many things on needles! My tea leaves cardi, socktober socks, a chickadee cowl, and some maize & blue socks for my Michigan fan, just to name a few!

earthboysblog said...

Renee, just the other day I came across a blog by Amanda Browning with a tutorial for these granny squares and bookmarked it for a future project, once I have enough wool that is. The blogger just returned my comment today.. hmmm and then I see you are doing them! My granny made one for my brother and I, I still have it - I must take a photo and send it to you. Yours are lovely. I can wait to try it. So many beautiful things to make. The tops and skirts are adorable, it's so much fun to make pretty things for little girls:)

a little crafty nest said...

What beautiful clothes you have made your girls! My two year old girl has a few similar garments, but I'd prefer if her whole wardrobe (and mine, though it used to be) looked like your girls. Simple yet very pretty. As for projects on the go, I am still knitting my husbands's sweater, two years on. And a pile of Solstice/Christmas gifts, including all the dolls and furniture for my girl's dollhouse that my husband/St. Nicholas is making. Very fun, indeed. I'd love to learn how to make granny squares, too. Where did you learn?
xo Jules

the little gnomes home said...

Your clothes are just gorgeous. You are very talented :)

Lovely blog...

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Your sewing is just beautiful and I love how your girls dress and oh my she is growing up.

I just posted some little somethings that my girls and I have been up to.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Wonderful, Renee! And what a beautiful girl you've got. . .!
Ella also always wants "down to her ankle" skirts, and she's quite tall too! I always marvel at how long her things have to be- she takes after me (I am 5'9"). OH and also Ella is wearing a skirt still that I made her when she was 4! It gets shorter and shorter.
And again, I wish we could live across the woods from each other, because then you could teach me granny squares!

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

OH- thank you so much for the wonderful email! I will respond soon. :)

Imene said...

I love the calico top you made and the granny squares too. I actually like everything ;o) I am debating if I really want to make a granny square blanket too. Did you use scraps or buy yarn for that specific project ?

Cadi said...

I love the floral prints you seem to like... ;-)

dkjsv05 said...

Renee your Little's are sure lucky to have you as a Mama! Your sewing is beautiful :).

erin said...

I love the colors of that top granny square. Can't wait to see it completed. I can only imagine the complications to sewing all those squares together.

I think its the sweetest that your daughter has worn her skirt for several years. How precious to see something you've made put to good use. I love all your sewn skirts and tops. They are beautiful.

Sara said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your granny squares! oh and the skirts are darling... I wore handmade calico skirts as a girl, too.I am always so happy to see what you are up to. :)

Bending Birches said...

OHHHH! I love the clothing....wow!!! So beautiful and well-made.
thanks for your sweet comments-- the rocking horse in our living room was made by my grandpa, too! I love it; and it is so sturdy! :)
I am interested in joining your vintage swap, if it's something you are still running:) not sure how to go about joining, though!
bendingbirch@gmail.com xoxox

gardenmama said...

i always love the things you create renee, there is always such a gentleness to everything xoxo

Angela Mobley said...

I love GRannies too. I had a student several years ago who just kept her Granny square growing. People would give her yarn and she ended up with this huge, beautiful throw. I was so impressed she kept going like that!
Beautiful sewing work too. I love the pleats and the fabric choices.

Earth Mama said...

She is so so beautiful! I love that last pic.


Carmen said...

Very lovely skirts! Just found your blog and I enjoy it very much. Thanks for letting me peak in.