Wednesday, October 20, 2010

out to pasture


Do any of you remember that we have horses? I am guessing that maybe about five of you do. Oh, I know, I am so vague every time I mention them.

It's kind of complicated... and actually getting them, from a nearby horse rescue, was nearly traumatic. So I just skip talking about it. It all worked out well in the end though, and they have been with us for many happy months now.

Except for that they are not actually with us. We are not allowed to have horses where we live now. Which may make it seem that we should not have gotten horses in the first place. But they needed us. And Jason needed them. And so we found a way to have them.

We recently moved them to a new home, one where they will be able to stay until we are able to have them with us at our home, on our land, that we will someday have.

This new home for them is at a very nice ranch, about 10 minutes from our house, which is very good, because we see them every single day.

And now for the first time in their lives our horses have acres and acres of pasture. To roam, to run, to graze. This weekend we led them out for the very first time.

They explored a shady corner.

They cautiously wandered a bit further.

And then they started running. With Jason leading the way.

And then everybody was running.

And they kept running...

and running...

and running.

Then they slowed down. Then they grazed.

They have also made new friends. Two other horses, who are both very dark, just the opposite of our Sage and Hannah. They are getting along well.

And there are ten cows also!

Fields full of cows are a very common sight around here. Large green pastures fortunately. I just love seeing the mamas and babies out there, and I always want to go and hang out with them. Now we really get to!

They are so so sweet!!!

I'm pretty sure these cows have never had so much human interaction. But they warmed right up to us. Look how close this one came to me, just walked right over to say hello.

Our horses seem to really like the cows.

We really liked spending the entire weekend out at the ranch. Outside all day long, from early morning till evening. So great to have so much space all around us.

All kinds of neat farm things too.

Neat hay baler.

Neat colors.

And look...

There is even a windmill.

Which I love of course.

And a weather vane,

which also makes me very happy.

Barns everywhere.

Beautiful views in every direction.

Beautiful trees to sit beneath.

And beautiful happy girls, who probably did even more running around than the horses.

Each afternoon we brought the horses back up to the barn. We needed to slowly adjust them to the pasture.

Now they have spent their first night out. It is interesting to head down the driveway and wonder where out on those 40 acres they might be. But they are never far off.
We are so very grateful to have a good safe home for them!



Anonymous said...

so lovely!

CrookedMoonMama said...

Horses are healing, aren't they?
Ours are up in PA now....hope to own a place where we can have them too.

kendra said...

i really have been wondering about the horses! great post, renee - thanks for sharing all those photos! and just look at the smiles on those girls!!!

Sarah said...

How wonderful that you have such access to all of that!

Bending Birches said...

wow----so awesome!!!

Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

Oh, how wonderful for you *and* the horses! Such a beautiful spot they have the freedom to roam. Two of our horses are rescue horses as well.


Laura @ Getting There said...

This is a lovely post--how wonderful that you were able to find a way to save these beautiful horses.

I just found your blog today, through Plain and Joyful Living. I really like it, and I smiled Renee, when I saw where you said you were almost too shy to have a blog. :) I am the same way--I am so shy in real life, I hardly say anything, but blogging gives me a way to express myself that I can manage. :)

Take care,

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

I have been thinking of your horses, Renee- I have a horse girl over here without a horse- who wants one so badly!!!
This story made me cry, honestly- the horses running with their human friends! Honestly! <3

Beth said...

What a beautiful post Renee! Your horses look so happy and healthy - so do your girls :)

You know, one of our mares came to us through a traumatic rescue situation also...if you want to talk about it please feel free to email me. We have had an amazing experience with her and love her so much!

Happy Autumn!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Such an amazing story Renee, a story of caring and love that you are sharing with your girls.

Tahara said...

I have been wondering about those horses!...I heard them mentioned, but am glad to have the official "update" on them :-)

earthboysblog said...

A beautiful post Renee they must be so happy to be free and I know how happy you must be to see them like this. I wish to see more horses and cows have the freedom like our horses do. You sold us on coming to live in Colorado .... see you soon.xxxx

Anonymous said...

This made me cry when I saw the pics of them running...FREEDOM!! Your family is a blessing to them as they are to you.

heather said...

i LOVED reading this tonight, or i should say this morning, while i have some insomnia. so so so beautiful and inspiring. what lucky horses. what lucky people! mmm, and the smiles on your girls faces. so good. i am perma~smiling cuz of your sweet post.

Earth Mama said...

That is awesome! I love how despite the fact that you cannot have them at your home, your heart spoke loud enough to make you get them. I always think it is things like this that will urge us stongly forward to find that place...that land to call home, where we can be home in our hearts. I know you know what I mean. That's why we covered up our big garden, and planted grass seed (ick!), but it's a step closer. Thinking lots of happy thoughts for you and your family and wishing we were neighbors, so I could drop off dinner sometime.