Sunday, February 27, 2011



Hooray hooray! I think that we are truly all better now!

Goodness, what a long recovery that was. It was so nice to have a normal enjoyable weekend. And so nice to eat some good food!

We had the buttermilk I had made that I wanted to put to use, and also bananas that really needed eaten (I can't eat raw bananas, they make me dizzy and kind of nauseas, is that weird?) so I made two loaves of banana bread. It was very yummy, even though I have just about no sweet tooth at all lately, good snacking for the girls though.

I had also made some creme fraiche (european style sour cream, not that I had ever had it before..) and we tried that for the first time tonight with an enchilada casserole. The best meal we have eaten in weeks! And leftovers still for tomorrow night. I really like when our dinners can last a couple nights.

And making cultured dairy products is so much fun! I seem to be really good at it, though I'm sure it's a pretty basic thing that anyone can do. Still, feeling impressed. I want to try making yoghurt next!

Clearly not much more than food was on my mind this weekend.

My sister just called and was laughing at me cause of my creme fraiche excitement. Don't care...

There was some nice handwork time this weekend too. Crochet. Granny squares, of course. I will try to take some pics and hopefully join in with the Yarn Along later this week.

Hope your weekend was full of happy wonderful goodness too!

(Anyone have any suggestions for using our buttermilk and creme fraiche??)



softearthart said...

Lovely to here that your family is well, cheers Marie

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

so wonderful to hear that you are all feeling better :) That is fantastic that you are making your own buttermilk and creme fraiche!! I've tried yogurt but that's it so far *grin*. Creme fraiche is wonderful with fruit, on cobbler or coffee cakes, and apparently if you whip it with a bit of sugar it can replace traditional whipping cream as well. As for your buttermilk how about pancakes or scones :) Have fun making yummy things for your family :)

a little crafty nest said... are all feeling better now! After my body has gone through illness, I feel that simple food is so very delicious and satisfying. I always eat macrobiotically when I'm ill and it really does wonders, I swear! Creme fraiche is good on desserts, especially baked fruit ones, I think. And I would bake with the buttermilk, too. Let us know what you discover:) Yogurt making is a breeze...I wish I had a milk-producing animal just outside the door! Happy week to you:)
xo Jules

Linda said...

Dear Renee,
I am so glad that you are all well:) It sounds like you have been cooking up a storm of delicious yummy food.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh Renee,
So glad you are all feeling better and can enjoy eating again. That picture of your daughter is so sweet.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Hooray! Gosh being sick just puts life to a whole halt, doesn't it? I am glad to hear you took time to recover though, so many people just get up and go as soon as they feel slightly better!
Do you have the book "Nourishing Traditions?" I know you'd love it. . . .
Look how cute Chessa looks! She still has her baby teeth!
Anxious to see your handwork!

KnitterMama said...

I am going to try my hand at making yogurt this week--I have never had cream fraiche either but Alice Waters mentions it all the time--has to be good.

Jessica said...

I second the Nourishing Traditions suggestion that Melanie made! Lots of good ways to eat and use your cultured dairy!

Beautiful the hat!

sheepish said...

Welcome back.
We are entering it I think....

earthboysblog said...

Your excitement over creme fraiche is wonderful,, it's so good for you. The French don't usually eat a meal without it. A tablespoon in soups to make them deliciously creamy. Penne Carbanara (maybe you could use smoked salmon instead of bacon) although bacon is so yummy in this - organic without nitrates. Topped over strawberries drizzle some raw honey over. Make banana flambe (cook those bananas) or bake them in the skins and drizzle C.F and honey over. Leek Clafoutie (quiche -google it) is another great recipe. With berries, takes away the bitterness of them. A small blog in a delicious hot chocolate. Tiramisu. Mix CF like a cream and make it thick spread it over a sponge angle cake. You can also mix with chocolate to make a creamy chocolate sauce. Buttermilk,,, we make buttermilk cookies or try the buttermilk pancakes in the Nourishing Traditions book. yummie, topped with berries, honey and creme fraiche - Our Sunday specialty.

Glad you are better mama, papa and pretty

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. The nasties have gone around! Just getting caught up with your blog, Renee! Buttermilk is fabulous is Irish Soda Bread!