Thursday, March 1, 2012

~ moments from the week ~


Warm sun. Warm tea. Beautiful day outside with the horses. We had another foot of snow a couple days ago so our world is looking wintery again.

And now it is March. And it is cold.
Looking forward to a quiet weekend of knitting, sewing, storytimes and coziness. Maybe stews for suppers, and most likely pancakes for sunday brunch.

Wishing you all a happy weekend with your families and loved ones!



sheepish said...

Oh my. My littlest will go bonkers when I show her the horses in these pictures.
We are experiencing winter now too. Your weekend plans sound perfect.

sarah said...

Such lovely pictures :-)

a little crafty nest said...

So good to hear from you again...I've missed you! And it is lovely seeing your beautiful girls:) It looks like your family is happily enjoying the end of sweet girl will also like the horse photos ~ she is talking about unicorns all the time and I can just imagine this white horse as a unicorn in her mind! Hugs to you,
xo Jules

W-S Wanderings said...

So beautiful. Your photos are full of light and quiet adventure. Eldest and I were out with the horses yesterday, but the snow in the fields here is still much too deep. The pony was sinking in up to her belly. I am starting to look forward to the milder days.

Mama Ash Grove said...

Dear Renee,
How sweet your girls always look! Chessa reminds me so much of my Winter, with her big teeth growing in and her baby fat slimming down! And bangs are just perfect on her!
My girl wishes and wishes for horses. Someday, you never know. Your white horse is absolutely beautiful.
And I want some of that tea! Preferably, shared with you in person.
Much love, Mel

Mama Forestdweller said...

Happy March to you! :) Such beautiful photos ~ I always love seeing your horses, and I love those wonderful bonnets your girls wear :)

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Beautiful photos Renee!