Thursday, March 29, 2012

moments from the week


Picnic and playing by the river on the other (dry) side of town.

More farm days.

Lots of knitting. Mostly roosters, hens, and chicks.

Enjoying the back deck for snack time and stories.

Cheery spring nature table. Sometimes in early spring we keep it much more bare, but this year I just couldn't wait for some color!

Some time in the garden! And harvesting our first little snips of chives! And wanting so so much to get started on planting. Maybe this weekend...

There is still time to enter the small giveaway. Of course I was forgetting how tricky/difficult blogger is with comments so if you have been unable to leave a comment you can also email me and I will be sure to include your entry.

I hope your week was wonderful and I wish you happy days ahead!



sarah said...

lovely :-)

a little crafty nest said...

Dear Renee...Your little fairy girls are so beautiful with their long hair a-blowin' in the wind. And we were so desperate for some greening up that we added extra colour to our nature table, too. I love your hen coop ~ I've made the very same chickens, I think. I'm working slowly, so slowly, on the knitted farmyard, and now I'm on to the farmers themselves. I'll send more love later this weekend:)
xo Jules

Sara said...

It always looks so lovely where you live. I'm sure the water is icy, but it looks so inviting. Happy spring to you!

Heather said...

Renee, it looks like you had a beautiful week! We drove through your neck of the woods a few weeks back on our way home from spring break and I wished I could stop and say hello :). Perhaps one of these days soon.

PatsyAnne said...

Please enter me in the giveaway - I love your blog and feel part of your family - what a gift that is for a little old lady who lives with her two cats.