Wednesday, March 27, 2013

early morning handwork


If I sense from the early morning sky that it is anywhere near 5 or 6 AM, I will quietly slip out of bed (or first finish nursing little Elsa, who then remains sleeping peacefully beside her daddy...)

I go about my morning kitchen chores, wiping down counters, setting dishes aways as silently as possible, sweeping usually waits as the familiar tap tap of the broom may wake a still sleeping family member. Breakfast for when the girls wake...

A few minutes of extra tidying, books returned to stacks or shelves, the library books live on the stairs now.

Some thought towards the mornings homeschool work...

All children still sleeping...

I sew. I knit.

Sometimes the sewing does not amount to much more than smoothing the fabrics that remain laid out on the ironing board, cutting a pattern, pinning some pieces. The sewing machine would be too loud for morning.

But many many rows of knitting can be accomplished in just one quiet morning hour.

When the girls wake they come sit sleepily on the couch,  when Elsa stirs I will set my thing aside and get ready for the next part of my morning, when chores can be done more loudly, food gets cooking in the kitchen, animals fed, laundry started...

There will be moments throughout the day to return to the handwork projects.

I am knitting another wool soaker for Elsa. Not enjoying the pattern (seems like lots of errors) so at first it was going slow, and now for the same reason I am feeling extra motivated to be done with it, that is what I will work on if I get a few more minutes when I am done writing here.

Lots of sewing happening in my head, a little getting done for real. We will pretend that I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I am only just now finishing this little quilt that I started two years ago.

(Okay, I may as well also admit now that there is a baby sock that has been sitting on the needles for a few weeks. I didn't start the toe shaping cause I'm sure it now needs much more length added, maybe it will never fit. or maybe I will finish it this week, but then there is still the second one to knit. goodness, it's not like knitting baby socks takes very long...)

Also, I kinda have a plan for sewing the girls matching Easter/Spring dresses. I realize that may seem crazy. But also I have a plan to cheat. One dress kinda done, a skirt instead for eldest sister, and a new little baby dress. Baby dress! Way too long since I have sewed a little tiny baby dress!

It was an early morning photograph too, so not much to see, I will try to make my post prettier next time.

Oh, also I wanted to tell you what book we enjoyed as a winter read aloud, Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates, I believe that is the full title. Somehow I had never read it when I was a child. It is a great book, full of adventure and the wonder of another country and time. We have all loved it, still finishing the last few chapters.

(So I will link to my dear friend Ginny and her Yarn Along...)

Now I hear Elsie stirring, she is such a happy one in the morning, I am looking forward to that smile which will greet me when I go say good morning...

And good day to you all!

p.s. I have had some questions about Elsa's baby knits, I will try to share more pics, patterns, and ravelry links soon...



Karin-Ida said...

Beautiful post!
It must be a privilige to home school!
Over here in Europe it is not as common as in the US.
I will check in again to see your baby knits, as we are expecting a new extended family member! The first one in a new generation!
Wishing you a blessed easter holiday!

momto5 said...

your morning sounds heavenly. i think maybe i need to get myself out of bed early so i have a wee bit of time to myself.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I enjoyed reading about your mornings and remember so well that beautiful morning baby smile. Now Emmy gets out of our bed herself and comes running to me with her arms outstretched knowing I am usually sitting by my secretary finishing a cup of coffee while I read and sometimes knit for my morning quiet time.
Thinking of you,
Love, Tonya

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Oh, I love the sound of that quiet start to the morning. Good luck with the Easter dress and skirt. I just made my son and daughter matching skirt and shorts (we live in the tropics) and have to go finish the tops now. I used the Lazy day skirt pattern from Oliver and S, it is a free download. It sews up really quickly. The popover sundress which is free there is also quick, but only starts at a 2, which is still too big for my almost 3 year old. But, you are such a seamstress you probably don't actually need a pattern:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely that all sounds!

I can't get up early without one of the children following soon after. I'm not sure why it is that our sleep is so closely entwined, but it does seem to be. I'm looking forward, a little bit, to the days when I have to drag them out of bed! xo

Sarah @ said...

Those quiet moments in the morning before the chatter of little voices is my favorite. I love the way you use yours =)