Monday, May 13, 2013

gratitude for motherhood, and old photographs...


~Nearly 13 years ago, the first days of her life, my first days as a mother.

~A few weeks before she was born. We had just moved into a little A-frame in the forest. 
(We are not nearly as young as you might be thinking we look...) (25 and 27...)

~ See, my yellow-y gold flowery vintage-y sheet! I said before that it is always out at homebirth time...

~And today... (No one was sure if the camera was working...)
(Nursing baby...)

~ Visiting an old friend/neighbor, right next door to where our first child was born...)

Seriously absolutely definitely the best thing that ever happened to me. Becoming a mother. It was like I instantly felt completely me. Life was just exactly as it was supposed to be. And now I am the mother of three girls. Three girls!!! (Kinda makes me wonder how I could have thought this baby was going to be a boy. Because three girls, it was something I always seemed to know. I'm not saying only three girls, but yes, definitely, three girls.)

I think this work of creating families and raising children is oh so very important. I am so incredibly grateful to be a mother to these children. And I am honored to share friendship with so many wonderful mothers. 

Wishing you all a happy mothering heart full of peace. 
With love, Renee



Earth Mama said...

"Seriously absolutely definitely" something you would totally find me saying too ;) You guys are soooo cute! I can't wait to meet you and your fam and squeeze you guys with a big hug!!


Plain and Joyful Living said...

I love seeing all these photos Renee! Yes, what an amazing honor it is to be mother - that is what I tell our children on mother's day - I thank them for giving me the joy of motherhood.

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Such a beautiful post! Such beautiful pictures! I agree with every word!!! Happy mother's day to you Renee.

Mama Ash Grove said...

Dear Renee, this has got me to tears, darn you- you did it again! I love all of the beauty in this post, love love love seeing you so young with Chloe! I will have to send you a photo of me a as a new Mama- I was only 23!
YES, yes about what an honor to be a mother. I always feel gratitude toward my children on mother's day- I don't want to be treated as a "queen" but for us to be together.
You all look so wonderful together! Love you! Mel

Manuelle Oyhanto said...

Difficult to say it in words that are a foreign language to me since I'm French but I come to visit your blog very very often ;) and am so glad you're back with new posts. This one moves me also to tears, see you so young still expecting a baby and now such a beautiful family in such a beautiful place ! I love it Renee, all the beauty and grace in your post. I'll be thinking of you on Mother's day when I celebrate with all my family. Love. Manuelle

Anonymous said...

Motherhood truly is the most magical and transformative experience. Us moms are so lucky. This is a lovely space! Thanks for sharing.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Manuelle, Thank you so much for your sweet words, and for visiting me here. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

Katharine Blair said...

We also look like children in our first pictures as parents. 23 years old and downright baby faced. Funny that it's taken me a decade of this parenting gig to even start to feel like an adult but I've felt like a mother forever.