Wednesday, May 29, 2013

may birthday


~ remembering her littleness ~

She had a special before birthday campout, just her and her daddy.
She lost a tooth on her last day of being 8.
And she lost a tooth on her first day of being 9.
I listened to her play that morning.
That hushed, absorbed play, soft little voice talking to herself, her little dolls.
Just like a child of much younger years.
More of a song really.
Always she has been my little sing-song girl.

And another campout for her birthday.
First birthday at the land!
We travelled with cake.
Cake with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, lemon glaze, and whipped cream.
But we forgot the raspberries and blueberries.
We forgot the birthday candles.
But wishes by the campfire are special too.
(And an extra piece of cake the next day at the house with extra berries and candle on top.)

We took hardly any pictures. And they are mostly blurry.
We never made it to our early morning lake picnic.
Her sister got a headache (migraine?) the next day at the land. She even threw up.
We had to head back to the house earlier than we had planned.
But still there was time for a birthday girl horse ride (lead) on Sage.

She received some carefully chosen books, little wooden trucks, a little dish set, a diary, and a dress.

Her big sister got her first diary when she turned 9, so she thought she might get hers this year too. And if she did get it she was of course going to write in it right away. Which she did. (She has amazing phonetic spelling abilities.)

Handmade by big sister gifts of a doll apron and a little knitted cat. And a promise to teach her how to knit her own kittens. This gift was so loved, she sat speechless for several moments.

She has such a deep tenderness in her. So sweet. So quiet.
Sometimes so loud!
Fragile and tough.
Timid and courageous.

Oh, and the dress. Little blue dress. Blueberry dress. Every last bit of blue dress.
I really love the dress.
(So very soon we shall have to talk about the dress...)

And I love her feet. The way she curls her toes. Her way of skipping about when she is just happy as can be.

Our dear sweet bursting with love 9 year old child! We love her so!!!



Jules said...

I love this post, Renee! All your mama love poured into verse for your sweet middle girl. Happy happy birthing much happiness and wonder and beauty. (And I can hardly wait to see the dress). And my first beloved dog was named Sage. He was like my first child in many ways. I like that your horsey is named Sage, too.
xo Jules

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, this is so beautiful! What a treasure that sweet girl is! Happy Birthday!!
I am sorry about the migraine and your big girl, I hope she feels better now!
One of my six year old's middle names is Sage.:)
Love you, Mel

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Happy birthday!!!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Hello dear Renee,
I love the sweet tenderness that comes through each time I read about your family. Happy Birthday to your daughter! And I pray your oldest doesn't have to endure another headache like that.
With love,

Sara said...

Oh my goodness. What a beautiful post, and what a truly beautiful and happy girl. She shines so brightly in that picture!

princess pin said...

Love the dress <3

princess pin said...

love the dress <3

princess pin said...
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Waldorf and Ragamuffins said...

Mama! How I've missed you! I am finally back to blogging and ,missed my tribe so much! I loved coming here everyday! But my last baby was a handful (he just turned a year) and having four kiddos is tough! I also started a Waldorf doll business and it's been a rocky road! Anyhoo, I'm so glad to catch up and read your posts! Your family so beautiful, I love reading your posts! Happy birthday to your little (big) girl! I had a son that just turned 7 (seven times the sun!) so it's been quite the parenting journey... i'm glad to share it with mamas like you!