Sunday, June 9, 2013

creek moments


We sometimes go into the forest behind our house,
in the back of our neighborhood.

This summer we have a new forest to explore,
just minutes along the dirt road from our new land,
behind our new neighborhood.

Because I guess now we have two homes.
What a thing to be grateful for.

And this land, this is our "home" like no place before has ever been.

And this forest behind our land...
it really was like just a moment, just taking a first look.
Lupines blooming, flowers of serviceberry and hawthorne with a white perfectness against dark green leaves. Firs with their soft tips of fresh spring growth.

Three sisters by the creek. One littlest sister meeting her very first creek.
Oh yeah, there is a creek!!!
(Well we already knew it was there from maps, and then Jason checked it out once a few weeks ago, but we had not yet all been back there.)
So there are of course many more days of cool creek waterside and happy forest exploring days ahead for us!!!

I hope your first week of June has been full of goodness. Maybe it's hot everywhere, just like here. Really it was just one day of creek play, other than that it's been lots of summer busy-ness, the good hard work of summer kind of stuff. Seeds, gardens, horses. Land. Even a visit soon from family. Then other visits from old friends.
And already I am talking like it is summer, cause really it just feels so like it, and there certainly is no more waiting around for it, lots to be done and we need to get going...
Oh, and you have no idea how dirty these girls are!!
(But not really the baby...)
Wishing you all wonderful days ahead!!!



Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Renee, it's Mary and Laura and baby Carrie by the creek! How blessed you are to have such a beautiful place to visit!
It has not been hot here, but oddly chilly.
HUGS and love, Mel

Lisa said...

what a beautiful day!!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

So love these photos Renee!
Can't wait to see what you do with your land but so happy you are enjoying it NOW.

princess pin said...

Oh that HAT!!!