Wednesday, January 1, 2014

knitting priorities and taking care of self


Hello dear friends (and other random nice people who visit me here)… I hope you have all been enjoying these days of christmastime and ending of the year…

And now to the beginning of this happy new year!

I decided a few months ago, as the days began to get colder, that knitting had to be more of a priority. There are all these homestead chores and tasks we do, daily cooking, baking, gardening and producing our own food, clothing our family. Clothing our children! I have always made most of the girls' clothing, even much of my own, (hardly anything for dear husband, but trying/planning to be better at that). And in recent years, being able to add warm knitted woolens to the list of what we are able to make for ourselves, well that has been really great! (I had been knitting for so so many years, but never sweaters. And I have such a love of cardigans you know… (I mean, some of you know…))

So yeah, we live it the mountains, can be cold in any season, baby's pants were not at all long enough anymore, and I needed to do lots more knitting. It was okay to sit down and knit. I wasn't sitting knitting doing nothing, getting things done in the kitchen is not always more important, or at the least could occasionally be considered equally important. It's been going pretty well. (Except for a recent week when a much needed ball of yarn was missing,  but all is well again.) I am almost finished with the first leg of a second pair of pants for Elsa, and I think I am going to make good progress on the next leg too, and I think these pants are going to be very lovely on her…

I was talking on the telephone to a friend a few days ago and she was asking me how I was feeling, physically and emotionally, in a fairly detailed kind of way. A sudden random leg muscle injury has us trying to figure out what might be going on and wanting to make sure that I am as healthy as can be.

So I told her, well yes, I am very emotional, but that is nothing new. I am not at all depressed, not even when I'm sad, not even when I'm an emotional wreck. I'm an exceptionally happy melancholic person really ;)

And we talked about how well I am taking care of myself. And my honest answer ranges somewhere between just fine and not at all.

I told her that I am trying to get extra rest, so I'm making sure I sleep in and stay in bed until 5am. (This is a huge improvement over 4am rising! And don't worry, I go to bed very early…)

And I told her that I am not eating well enough. I am eating good food, but not enough of it, because when there isn't quite enough food then I give more to everyone else and take much less for myself.

And I told her that I have probably been doing too much around the house. Because rather than ask for help, that is sometimes met with grumbling or arguing about who should have to help, then I am just doing it all myself.

And my friend told me that it all sounded very familiar to her. And I'm afraid it may sound familiar to many of you too!

My dear wonderful mother friends, we must take good care of ourselves!

We put our families first, and I cannot say that that is incorrect, it feels absolutely right to me. But, if we are not taking proper care of ourselves then we cannot take proper care of our families.

Following a pregnancy filled with constant nausea and puking, it was really easy to feel great after that! And just go, go, go. And sometimes it seems like that works just fine. But it is obviously not a good long term plan.

So please, take good care, rest well, feed your body good food, feed your soul, your creativity, your imagination. Do all you these things for yourself, not just for your children.

Please. Thank you.
Happy day and happy new year to all!!!
With love, Renee

p.s. linking to one of my wonderful mama blog friends, lovely Ginny.



Mama Shara said...

I'm 5 months in to mothering three little ones, and I couldn't agree more! In fact I've named this year '2014: The Year of the Mother'. I, too, am always horribly sick during pregnancy and then the day following birth feel boundless with energy. Unfortunately this had meant I've ended up very ill in the months after. This time around, I did much better at staying close to home and getting plenty of rest, partly due to being terrified of leaving the house on my own with 3 children! Xx Happy New Year!

Amélie said...

Dear Renée,
Yes every mother might recognise herself here :) What a beautiful post to star the new year.
With all my wishes of joy, peace and happiness. Take care.

Mama Ash Grove said...

Dear Renee,
Yes, yes all of this sounds so familiar! And most often, I am not realizing it happening- and I'll feel grumpy and tired and drained. Yes, I remind myself that if I am not well (physically or emotionally) it heavily affects the entire family. It is so easy to put yourself last though, isn't it? Whether it's about our own needs, or about chores (to avoid the grumbling).
I am with you! This year, let us mamas take good care of ourselves in every way!
Love you,
Must call you very soon. Maybe this weekend?

Lori ann said...

dear one, you have written what is one of the most important things for a mama to know (i think). i love that you have shared this. and i love that you have made knitting a priority.

i'm worried about your injury though, take good care there okay? and feel better soon!

sending much love and all the best for 2014,
xxxxxxxx lori

Jules said...

Hello friend, A huge heartfelt thank you to you for giving me (and many others) a reason to believe that we mamas need to care for ourselves. You are so so right, of course. And yes, it can be such a challenge...or else an take the time. Afterall, our children are absorbing so much of what we do, and if they see us loving and caring for ourselves, they will grow up to do the same. Beautiful you, thank you for sharing.
xo Jules

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Mama Shara, I think staying close to home with 3 little ones sounds like a great idea! At least that is something I am very good at, keeping things slow and simple with the children. And I was so good at taking lots of resting time after Elsa was born a year ago. We didn't even leave the house for 3 months! And that was just to go into the forest…

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Dear Amélie, Thank you. Your wishes are felt and appreciated! I wish all the same and much wonderfulness for you too!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Mel, Yes, let's take good care of ourselves and good care of each other!

Yes, you can call this weekend, not going anywhere...

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Dear Lori, Thank you for your concern. I promise to take good care. (And I will fill you in on more later…)
Much love and happy new year wishes to you!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Jules! Don't let it be an oversight! (Wait till you hear!!!)

Such a good point you make, we are modeling self care (or not) for our children too!


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Ok, and lastly for now…

I am trying to be better at responding to comments (again)


I did not really write these comments at 4:30 in the morning like it says! I really did stay in bed till 5…

And I promise to go knit very soon...

Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Thank you for the reminder Renee. :) Much needed.

Christine said...

Dear Renee, I can relate to this too (as I'm sure most of your readers can) =) It's funny how taking care of yourself almost seems selfish once you're a mama! But no that is not healthy... Elsa's pants look beautiful- the color is lovely. Wishing you (and all us mamas) good health in this new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee.
Every word of this post resonates with me.
Thanks for this writing....maybe with this reminder it will be easier to maintain taking care of the self.
I hope your winter days are good ones!

Earth Mama said...

Renee...this could have very well been our convo from today!! I think theres a message in there for the both of us. So great chatting...sorry my phone died. Well talk again soon.

Love, Lisa