Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Days of Advent

Welcome December!

This will be only the second year that we have officially celebrated the entire Advent season. And to be honest, when this past Sunday arrived I was not feeling quite ready for it. Thank goodness for those small traditions that had already been created.

Our main Advent festivities occur on Sundays, when after dinner, with girls in pajamas, we gather around the nature table and have stories by candlelight. We read from the Tiptoes Lightly book, and follow along with fairies and gnomes as they celebrate the festivals of the season.

Our nature table follows along as well, starting off somewhat bare, with just a few crystals, drifts of snow... though here it is with candles as well, just after reading our first story.

We also have a winter tree which has adorned our table for several years now. Especially treasured as it was made by Jason... I love the cold icy feeling of the clear glass, very appropriate for our winter table I think.

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Advent season!


Heather said...

What a sweet and simple advent celebration. I am sitting here, on this first day of December watching the snow fall. Here is to wishing you a good start to the winter season

goldenbird said...

Happy holiday season to you and your family, Renee. The winter tree is so austere and beautiful. I like your nature table ... actually, I like the whole concept of a nature table. Your new header is very pretty, too.

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

Happy advent to you, too! I love your way of celebrating and your glass tree :)

Wendi said...

Beautiful. I love the tree! This is our first year with Advent so we're keeping it as simple as we can.

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

Happy December to you!

Your new header has me thininking we are neighbors up north here.

Linda said...

Happy Advent to you :)

the nest said...

that sounds like a very nice tradition. your new banner is great; very evocative of the season!

Angela Mobley said...

Happy Advent time! I love it. We have been reading advent stories and my nature table is not quite ramped up yet, but we did get out some stones. I LOVE this time of year.
Nice banner too.

Marina said...

What a lovely sweet tradition! Jason is very talented and I love how you juxtaposed the tree and the icicles in your header!

Happy Advent!

Anonymous said...

yes, I love your tree! It looks like ice! I read about that book in another blog and it sounds so interesting. I would very much like to incorporate Advent into our family traditions. It's just a lovely way to celebrate the season.

Kelly said...

Hi Renee
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
I always enjoying visiting you here! Jason certainly created a beautiful winter tree which must be a very special treasure in your family. Our advent celebrations tend to be pretty simple too. I find my children love the tradition so we have mostly followed the same simple activities for three years now. we just love the Festival of stones book also. Wishing you all a happy December.