Tuesday, December 22, 2009

vintage christmas love

Some of our most treasured Christmas ornaments are the ones that I have from my childhood. My mom sure knew how to make Christmas wonderful and magical for us. That is one of the reasons that we make an effort to get past the horrible commercialism of the holidays and create some of our own special magic for our girls.

Here are just a few of the ornaments I remember from so long ago, now hanging on our own tree this year. There are more, handmade ones too, but we have not finished decorating yet.

And now this year we have something so special to me that I can barely stand it! This wooden tree is from my grandpa's house, I remember it so well, it means so much to me to now have it in my home. The girls were delighted when we brought it out. The little woman with the broom (Mrs. Claus?) was always my favorite. (Too bad she is not facing the camera...)

And here are the girls in their new winter dresses. I gave them to them on Winter Solstice. I ended up making a jumper style dress for Chloe... she is so long now that I didn't have anywhere near enough fabric to make a long sleeve down to her ankles dress like she wanted. But she seems to be very happy with this one. And Chessa loves hers so much, she says she is never going to take it off. I actually cheated on her dress... the bodice part was already done, sitting in a box of fabric for about 7 years! I have made a similar dress of darker green fabric for Chloe when she was 2. Apparently I had cut out a light green one but never finished it! (Kinda pathetic, I know.) So I just added some extra fabrics to the bottom to make it long enough. Both dresses are flannel, so soft and cuddly!

And in one last bit of news, dear Linda from Natural Suburbia is having a wonderful giveaway on her blog. Such beauty this sweet and talented woman creates with wool! There is just a bit more time to enter, so if you have not already done so, you should go quickly check it out. (Although I do think it would be nice if I won, since tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 37!)

Now back to the sewing machine...


sarah said...

the dresses are so pretty!! Happy birthday for tomorrow! :-)

the nest said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! I love a girl who will just come out and state her age! I'm 44. :)

The girls' dresses are darling, as are they. The wooden tree is so sweet, imagine all the stories that could be made!

Happy Christmas to you and yours!

momma rae said...

oh my, those christmas decorations are so lovely!! how nice to have things you have a connection to from your childhood. i can't remember much about our ornaments when i was little, aside from the ones i made. ;)

the dresses are beautiful! i say congratulations on pulling out an unfinished project and making use of it. not cheating at all. flannel dresses, sound nice. mmmmmm...

perhaps we can chat on your birthday? 37 already? i forget that matt and you are the same age. love you.

sara farmama said...

Dear Renee,
I wish you a happy happy birthday tomorrow. May your year be filled with love and peace and joy! Those dresses came out beautiful....and how wonderful that you finished them after so long!!
Happy birthday sweet friend!
love love love,

nicola@which name? said...

sweet dresses!
happy birthday!
and happy holidays!

Linda said...

Hello Renee,
Your ornaments are lovely and your wooden tree is darling, a true treasure:) The dresses you have made are amazing! Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I wish you a beautiful day...
Thanks so much for spreading the word about my giveaway...

Lisa said...

How wonderful to have your ornaments for your girls to enjoy! My mom still has ornaments I made as a child and I love seeing them every year on her tree! Very pretty dresses! They both look quite happy in them.
Happy Holidays

Sarah said...

Our sewing machine has also been getting heavy use. I wish my girls would wear such a dress--I have to settle with making them Christmas pajama bottoms :) Merry Christmas!

Robert said...

Happy Birthday! It's my birthday too, but I am 40 - yikes!
The dresses you made are so sweet! I love that they are flannel - soft and cozy. And the ornaments are amazing. We have some that have been passed down around our house too - priceless!

Beth said...

Arrrgh! Renee, that last comment from "Robert" is actually from me!!! Sorry! I didn't realize my boy was still signed in!

June said...

Just popped over my sewing machine to see your beautiful handiwork and share your memories. My homemade treasures from childhood are what spur me on when I get tired making treasures for my children's childhood: They mean so much. Forever.

Happy making and giving and being together!

Naturalearthfarm said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Also, those dresses are just the sweetest... oh, if I could only sew like that.
And what a special gift for you to have the special items that were passed down to you... it is such a joy to have such things.
Very Merry Christmas to all of you!
Warm wishes.

Tahara said...

I have missed you Renee :-)...

I love the dresses!...And Happy Birthday!

I lost all my emails and know that you emailed me before...Please get in touch with me again...


suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Renee! I hope you had a wonderful peaceful one. Your dresses are just too gorgeous...so are the girls. I love your vintage decorations. I have made most of our this year and the tree looks much happier wearing homemade ones .

A Merry Christmas to you and your family .
Warm regards

eringoodman said...

beautiful dresses!

hope you had a great birthday.

merry christmas to you and your family.


Nicole Benjamin said...

Dear Renee,
The wooden tree from your grandparents is so incredible!!! I love love love that you have such dear memories associated with it, truly a treasure! Your girls are so sweet, you are a very special mama making them such beautiful soft cozy dresses for Christmas! Many warm wishes to you on your birthday may all your dreams come true! xoxo