Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WIP Wednesday ~ Embroidery Love

Well, I was hardly aware that today is Wednesday, but I think I can manage a little WIP update... we have been quite crafty here these days, with quiet hand stitching to bring some extra moments of peace.

My first little project came about quite suddenly... I was trying to remind myself how to do blanket stitch, and after just a few stitches I realized I was creating the ornament I would send to Nicole for her wonderful new project, The Wellness Tree. I really felt such joy as I worked on this, I hope it can bring some of the same to the recipient.

And the reason I was doing the blanket stitch... I made one of dear Rachel's sweet little bird ornaments. Perhaps you have already seen this in the latest issue of Living Crafts, and if so you can probably tell that I altered the pattern a bit. Fortunately Rachel knows me very well, I'm sure she would not be surprised to see that I was incapable of following her pattern exactly. (patterns, recipes, sure, I suppose I could follow them if I really tried, but...)

This little tree came about when the girls needed Christmas trees for the dollhouse people. I decided to add some embroidery to my tree, but the girls just needle felted their decorations on. (actually I did Chessa's needle felting, but she laid out the wool.)

Now I guess it's time to get started on that Lucia crown!

And by the way... we got almost 3 feet of snow!!!


momma rae said...

yay!! i love your bird and that heart!! i make an ornament for kelly of the wellness tree, too...a *special edition* birdie. :) 3 feet of snow!!! we had a dusting and sienna thought it was the neatest thing ever. i tell her stories of snow she was born in to (not literally). missing you and those mountains...and all that snow!

Marina said...

I really love that tree for your dollhouse people! What a wonderful idea that I may have to attempt :)

3 feet of snow?! How fun!

Linda said...

Hello Dear Renee,
Such beautiful handwork, isn't this a perfect time of year for handcrafts. Wishing you an inspiring week:)



Lorena said...

what absolutely lovely projects!!!!! nice job!

Sarah said...

Love the tree. I think my girls would enjoy making them. You got a lot of snow! We got about 8 inches.

Naturalearthfarm said...

Such simple, yet beautiful projects!

Angela Mobley said...

Your projects are lovely as usual. You can quit hogging all the snow now and send some to Kentucky. :)
You won you won! Email me your address and I'll send your prize.

suzanne said...

Hello Renee

I always love to see people crafting. The wellness tree will sure look lovely with this lovely hanging on it. I have been meaning to ask you about the glass sculpture at the top of your blog. Is that the same glass beauty they have on "sweet home alabama"???

Happy Christmas crafting Renee
Warm regards

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

3 feet of snow! wow. Montana is way behind.

Your day of making is so nice to read about and your projects just beautiful, I am loving your birds. My friend made some for me last year and I think we may have to pull out the felt and make some more today. My favorite!

Keep warm and cozy.

goldenbird said...

Your ornaments are so cute! I love blanket stitch. I want to make that cute little bird.

Anonymous said...

Your crafts are beautiful!
We just learned about the tradition of Lucia; it's great to remember that most cultures practice some form of honoring the light at this time of year.

sara farmama said...

I love the birdie....and your embroidery looks super! I hope you are enjoying the snow! Happy crafting!
love sara

Heather said...

I love the tree ornament especially. We're doing some felt ornaments right now too and happy to find some new ideas. Thank you. Love the idea of needle felting ornaments on instead of embroidering - my youngest son will really enjoy that.

nicola@which name? said...

so sweet! i need to learn the blanket stitch!

earthboysblog said...

My children love to needle felt, your embroidery work is amazing Renee.