Wednesday, March 9, 2011

random thoughts...


Accompanied by random photos. I have really been slacking with the camera lately. So I just pulled some pics from iPhoto, taken in the last couple months.

Too bad we didn't have the camera the other day when we saw that mama cow with her baby who had clearly just been born. Baby all wet, afterbirth still hanging from mama cow! Or, I should say, too bad we didn't know we had the camera with us.

We had a few winter days that were warm enough for t-shirts and wide open windows. Though mostly it was freezing. Though also it sure wasn't a very snowy winter. I think our snow was stolen by all of you out east.

And speaking of stealing, Chloe has been reading (but not in this picture) The Borrowers by Mary Norton. It is about little people who live beneath a house and "borrow" belongings from the family above. But as Chloe points out, they aren't really borrowing, they are stealing, cause they don't give anything back. She really hopes we don't have borrowers living under our house.

I'm sure I have mentioned before, the girls often spend hours of their day drawing. Usually with their beeswax crayons and colored pencils, sometimes with chalks.

Really messy chalk!

Lots of their play lately has been a strange combination of "castle" and Little House on the Prairie.

With more and more outside time as spring approaches. Hooray!

Remember, these are just random photos, I don't really have anything to say about them...

But the other random thoughts...

Seeds. My mind is full of thoughts of seeds. And the garden too of course, but that is still buried beneath snow, so, seeds, seeds, seeds.

We probably don't get much more than 90 days between our frost free dates. Yikes, challenging.

Tonight after dinner and doing the dishes I almost started making dinner again, for tomorrow night. We will be in town tomorrow and on days like that I really like to plan ahead and have dinner already prepared and waiting at home.

But I just baked cookies instead. Oats, whole wheat pastry flour, coconut oil, maple syrup. And a few walnuts and raisins.

We are having a kind of busy week. We have had a kind of busy winter! Usually in the winter we are in town only a couple times a month, this year it has been at least once a week. Kinda don't like that.

We live in between a small town and a tinier town. And we have been visiting both libraries. It kind of concerns me, cause that's a lot of books to keep straight, we're lucky we haven't ended up with any big late fees.

Books. Gosh I love books.

Lets hope for more book posts soon!

So, care to share any random thoughts??



Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Renee, I love random thoughts posts- and I often wind up doing them myself! I seem to have trouble having a "main topic" for my blog posts. . . hmmm.
I hate going in to town, I really do. Ella has to go in twice a week, and Ollie once for violin/cello things. Andy goes in 3 times.
We currently have books out from two libraries too. . .
Hmmm, random thoughts. . . I have bread baking in the oven, Ella is making a cardboard doll house, Asa is putting Iris into it.

Catherine said...

I loved your random thoughts! And I love the girls matching coats! Did you make them?

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Melanie, I love all your random thought posts, and our random rambling emails!

Hi Catherine, No, I didn't make their coats. I said I would last year but as autumn approached I knew it wasn't going to happen in time. I sure am happy with these nice ones from grandma though!

And by the way, tonight I really did make dinner after dinner, cause we will be visiting farm friends all day tomorrow...

WaldorfFamilie said...

Yesterday I found your wonderful blog and I will start reading it from the beginning.
With more people like you the world would be a better place.

Elisabetha from Germany

earthboysblog said...

Hello my friend, I can believe how big the girls are getting. They are so tall since the last time I saw you. Amazing how time flies. I love the photos, there isn't always a need for words the photos tell their own special story. They are beautiful. I have notice many bloggers are taking a bit of time away. A good thing. When you see my next post you will understand why I have been away. Baby cows.. so precious.
Your girls will be very good at drawing. I can hardly keep my boys indoors to draw. Different lifestyles huh. I shall write soon,, we have been so so busy. We don't get those winter breaks, if anything it's our busiest time. Big kiss to you, Jason and those gorgeous young

Marina said...

I SO love your random thoughts, it's like a peek into the lovely world of yours... baking cookies, keeping library books straight, I just want to curl up into a corner of your warm home and stay awhile :).

I giggled at the photo of Chessa in my favorite girl dress! I actually bought that exact dress when I was pregnant with Luca (before I knew he was a boy) and I just love seeing it on your precious girl <3

So much love to you, my sweet friend! I was catching up on the blogworld and am so glad that all of you are in better health!


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Hello Elisabetha from Germany :) Thank you!

JoyFull Puppeteers said...

Dear Renee,

Thank you for sharing.
The world is in trouble, Egypt, Libia, Japan...
our chance to change ist to be true and helpful and lovely connected with all beings. Similar to Elisabetha I think you belong to those folks who make a difference.