Friday, August 7, 2009

Farm Friends

No, I'm not talking about farm animals, I'm speaking of my dear friend Sara and her wonderful family! We spent the day with them at their farm yesterday. Friday is their big harvest day for the weekend market, but Thursday is carrot harvest day. I helped Sara wash and bunch 8 bushels of carrots! And you can probably imagine how many freshly dug carrots the girls ate... when they weren't too busy taking care of little Ila.

Now, Sara is wonderful for so many reasons. Here are a few of them... she is the one who taught me how to knit, years before either one of us had children. She had her first baby shortly before I became pregnant for the first time, and therefore passed on much wisdom regarding homebirth, labor, newborns, etc... And when our youngest, Chessa, was born weighing barely over 5 pounds Sara even came over that first morning and nursed her so she could get some extra nourishment.

Sara has quite the family now, 3 boys and a baby girl. You should check out her blog and see the amazing farm life they have! Click on her sheep/wool/spinning category on the left and you can see one of her latest fiber projects. She is getting ready to knit a sweater (now yellow, not green) for her youngest boy, starting with roving from her own sheep, which she dyed with apricot leaves, and is now in the process of spinning! I tell you, this woman is talented. And hard working! They are Waldorf homeschoolers as well. How does she find the time to be such a good friend?

Did I mention that beautiful baby of hers! The girls are in love. Can you blame them?

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. I took a few with Sara's but nothing really great. Lots of farm pictures on her blog though! I did get this cute one of Chessa getting a feel for the spinning wheel.

Dear Sara, I am so grateful for your friendship!! xoxo


Anonymous said...

How lovely for you to have such a kindred friendship!
And what a wonderful way to spend your day harvesting, dyeing wool, spinning knitting at the farm *sigh*... so beautiful!

sara farmama said...

Oh are so sweet and I thank you for this friendship! You are equally as loved by me!

suzanne said...

You have written such kind words about your special friend. Her blog sounds wonderful and I can't wait to pop over to visit. I know when special bonds like this happen upon us, we have special history together.

Happy day to you Renee. I just love your blog.

Warm regards

momma rae said...

sara had a girl?!!! hooray!! can't wait to go check out her blog, too!