Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Touch the Sun!

We spent the morning sitting by the lake. (This is not a picture at the lake, but I love how the sunlight is shining down on the little meadow.) The girls wandered about and I sat and read in the sun. Reading and thinking about the sense of touch. Of course it is not just our hands that touch and feel, because are whole body is covered with skin. So our entire body experiences the touching sensations. (And our soul shares the experience too!) Our clothing touches us, the water touches us, the wind touches us, and the sun touches us. So then really aren't we touching the sun?!!


Anonymous said...

a very beautiful post, i appreciate your thoughtful and meaningful writing about your visit to the lake. It also reminds me in a different sense that we in turn touch peoples hearts in ways that we may never realize both positive or negative in turn others touch our hearts in ways they may never know... Your thoughts made me mindful to this. : ) We have a lake near our home too that we enjoy almost daily, certainly a place to meditate and reflect.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for transitive properties (one of the few things I remember from 10th year geography ;-)). Thanks for your fun comment on my Lammas post. Happy you've joined the blogosphere! Blessed Autumn to you.

Marina said...

Such a lovely post and sweet thoughts!

suzanne said...

Dear Renee

Your words have touched me too. I cherish the moments when I am touched with inspired words. Touching has no boundries. These words would make an incredible poem Renee

Have a wonderful weekend