Monday, August 3, 2009

weekend knitting & garden blooms

Morning chores. Knit hat. Feed children. Knit hat. Laundry. Knit hat. Feed children again. Knit hat. Make dinner. Knit hat. Eat. Knit. Sleep. Wake up. Knit more. I think you get the picture. Jason is going backpacking tomorrow and requested a hat to keep his head warm up amongst those 12-14,000 foot peaks. Of course I was happy to do it. Even happier that I was finally able to get the ribbing at the bottom right. I do know how to do a rib stitch, but on those double pointed needles, with several tries casting on, 96 stitches! Not something I want to take out and retry over and over again! So I'm pretty pleased with it. This is only my third hat, and when I tell people I am using double pointed needles instead of circular needles they look at me like I'm crazy. Well, I'm sure I am, or silly at the least. I can prove the silliness... in true Waldorf knitting style I had to make myself a little rhyme as I did the decreases... "one and two, together me and you, one and two, together me and you." Go ahead, laugh. It helped me! (And now I notice in the picture it looks like there is a little hole at the bottom, but really there is not.)

In other exciting news... the hollyhocks are blooming!

And calendula.

And cosmos.

Oh flowers, you make me so very happy.


suzanne said...

Good Morning

I know this knitting rhythm oh too well. Lovely hat. One of my favourite flowers... our dear Hollyhocks. Thanking you for your lovely post.

Warm regards

Marina said...

Oh dearie me, Renee, you are so talented! Love the colors and that hat! AND I am so impressed you did that with double pointed needles! My attempt to learn how to knit with circulars was frustrating, you've inspired me to try double pointed!

Your flowers make me happy too :)

sara farmama said...

Good job on your knitting! I love the yarn too.

Stephanie said...

Love your hollyhocks!
THey are among my favorite flowers.

renee said...

So glad you all enjoyed the hollyhocks!

And Sara, don't you think it's about time I got some hats made? Seeing as how you taught me to knit about 12 years ago!!