Saturday, August 8, 2009

Second Grade Saints

I guess I better finish up with this bit of second grade reviewing, because apparently I intend to have us start school in just a few weeks. Goodness, I was feeling all 3rd grade obsessed back in March, started collecting materials, planning things out, and then had to tell myself to slow down, since we still had a few months of second grade to go. Now summer is suddenly almost over. And 3rd grade is seeming much more intense than 2nd grade, I seem to be feeling a bit anxious about it. But oh so excited too! I just need to get focused and finish up my plans for the first few lesson blocks. But for now here are some of Chloe's lesson book pages from our blocks (we did two) on Stories of the Saints. We did a few hero stories too. (Do you know if you click on the pictures they get bigger? Then you can see better. You probably knew that. I did not always know that...)

We did a few stories of Saint Francis. Chloe enjoyed most of it, but she did not like the wolf of Gubbio because the wolf died, it was too sad for her.

Much more sad for her though was Joan of Arc. (But no! we did not include the burning at the stake part of the story!) There is a part in the story when Joan finally heeds Michael's calling and she rises early in the morning to go to the crown prince. As she passes by her parent's bedroom door she pauses and whispers farewell. Chloe could hardly stand it! Trembling lips and everything! I can almost cry for her just remembering it now, poor thing.

I am glad we included Hiawatha (an idea from my friends 2nd grade Christopherus book.) Nothing too sad for Chloe there. Obviously she is pretty sensitive. Another story that is much too sad for her, a fairy tale that I have often seen recommended for ones much younger than her, is Little Tiny, or Thumbeline. We read it twice. The first time she seemed very concerned for Little Tiny and of course for the swallow too. The second time we read it, as soon as I finished, she threw herself into my lap and burst into tears. Needless to say we have not read it since then.

Well, time to return to lesson planning. Hope everyone is having a wonderful August weekend!


gardenmama said...

*gorgeous* main lesson books!
We used Christopherus in the past : )
I understand the Waldorf philosophy behind the fairytales and while I agree with it... some of them are yikes scary and gruesome! I feel like there must be a 'gentler' way?? And I am certainly not one to shy away from 'real life' or death and the sometimes 'harshness' of life but I do not like putting some of the vivid thoughts in my childrens minds even with little red riding hood and at the end the wolfs life is gruesomely ended ect. just a bit scary and creepy for me... what are your thoughts on this?? (sorry I did not mean to take such a beautiful post this way, just something I wonder about too as you had mentioned with your little one)

Kelly said...

Such beautiful work! I We are planning for Grade 1 here. Gulp! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

suzanne said...

Hi Renee

I do enjoy seeing others at work. Sometimes you just need to see other childrens work to see that all is ok and that you are on the right track. Aaron finished grade 2 last year. He LOVED the Saint stories. So much so that he wanted to be Saint Francis when he grows up. We have a couple of months of his third grade left and he has enjoyed it too. We follow the LiveEducation curriculum and mix Christopherus and Barbara Dewy in as well. My eldest has a few blocks until we start grade 7. I feel like a pioneer everytime I start a new grade.

Have a great day
Warm regards

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Hi Kelly, Thanks for coming by!

Suzanne, Wow, 7th grade! Good luck. I will have to search back through your blog and see if I find any 3rd grade work.

Nicole, You really asked the right person about the fairy tales. I used to feel exactly the way you do. But it's going to take me a while to compose my thoughts on the subject so I will be sure to get back to you soon!

Cadi said...

I will be teaching 2nd grade this year. Thank you for the inspiration.