Monday, October 12, 2009

catching up

Here are some of the pictures that I took over the past month but was unable to get onto the computer until now...

Still cannot get enough of these beautiful calendula!

There are still some blooming in the now mostly faded garden. And today I started gathering some seeds from them, to be sure we will have many more blooms next year!

Since Jason was away I was left to do the first day of autumn chalkboard drawing. Of course I did not remember to do it until late the night before, so was done a bit hastily.

The first weeks of school with Chloe were filled with many days of watercolor painting. So I made sure Chessa got some painting time of her own too. I will try to post pictures of some of their paintings soon.

What... is this not a common site out on the road where you live?

And then daddy came home! And we have been having lots of fun. (Combined with lots of rest... we are all pretty worn out for the long time apart.)

We went out and did some apple harvesting last week. Visited just a few trees and came home with about 50 pounds of apples!

Yesterday we bought ourselves an apples peeler/slicer. Seemed like a good idea. And it's cute and red. We will be baking apple pies soon, some are sliced and frozen in the freezer already, and of course the girls have been eating apples all day long!


Heather said...

What a gorgeous amount of apples. So happy that your family is enjoying Autumn. Can you believe how much snow we got down here? It was crazy, and it is really still very cold for October

Have a great start to your week

Linda said...

Hello Renee,

Your photos are lovely, we love Calendula flowers too, are you drying them out on the tray? Beautiful chalk drawing:) Oh wow, to have sheep walking around the roads must be lovely...

Have a wonderful week,



sara farmama said...

Hi Renee! Oh I LOVED the photo of the sheep crossing! I haven't seen them in the roads like that for a long time....and I think I missed sheep days in Bayfield (or is that still to come?) Fun to bump into you at Yarn yesterday....and so funny that we both showed up there at the very same time on the very same day! What good timing! Glad you got an apple gadget you will surely love it! Oh and your chalk board drawing is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

suzanne said...

Good morning Renee

My apple tree has quite a few apples on it this year. We started our fruit orchard 3 years ago and have been yearning for a crop like that. I have my dreams of apple pies and freezing too. I am always taken by the beauty which surrounds your home. You are very blessed. Your work area for the girls looks so inviting to school at. I am glad your best friend is home....

Have a wonderful day and thank you always for your kind comments on my blog.
Warm regards

Naturalearthfarm said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty and glimpses into your life. Do you make salves with the calendula?

How happy you all must be with dad home.
Warm wishes.

goldenbird said...

Beautiful chalk drawing, Renee. And I love the photo of the sheep. You sure do have an abundance of apples! I like them dipped and in caramel and chopped nuts :o)

Nicole said...

You are surrounded by such beauty Renee!
The calendula is so beautiful!
I love love to see others chalk drawings, there is always such a peace about them.
How incredible to see so many sheep together, the only neighbors that we can see while walking through the woods are huge fields of cows : ) Glad all is well and papa is home! Love, Nicole