Wednesday, October 14, 2009

first WIP Wednesday

I have been wanting to start participating in the WIP Wednesday for a while now. There is so much great creating happening there, it is so very inspiring, and by joining I hope to keep myself motivated. (Of course the real problem isn't motivation, it's time!)

All of the following projects were started in early September, and are still unfinished! Hmm, perhaps I have too much going on at once??

Here is Chloe's autumn dress, which I would have had done long ago, except that it was still summer when I started, so I decided I was getting to far ahead of the seasons, and then it sat on the rocking chair for about 6 weeks. The dress is actually finished, it is the apron that goes over it that I still need to complete. I have been saving that oak leaf fabric for many years, I think it will make a perfect autumn apron.

And then of course there are still the dolls. Started in August actually! Fortunately they are for a friend who very well understood that it would take me quite a while to finish them. They are Christmas gifts for her girls, but for my own personal crafting reasons I intend to have them finished way before then. Cause I have about 20 other things I need to get to making, and having these dolls still sitting here is a bit overwhelming. There were recently a few weeks when I wasn't able to work on them at all, but I finally got started on the hair a few days ago. Only one layer so far obviously, with the other doll still completely bald, but I actually love doing the doll hair so hopefully I will be able to work on them much more in the next week or so. And then it will be on to doll clothes. There are a couple dolls of our own eagerly awaiting new dresses too.

And then here is the most disappointing part of my recent creating. My little needle felted woman who was supposed to be on our nature table for the first day of autumn. So sad... I have never before not finished something so special that was to be a part of our seasonal celebration.

Perhaps I can have here finished in the next couple weeks so that she can at least keep us company throughout November.

And it would be nice if I could finish this little pumpkin while it is still October.
Because I'm pretty sure I should be moving on to winter holiday creating very soon!


Linda said...

All your projects you are busy with are beautiful :) I love the fabric and the little woman for your nature table is lovely. I am sure you will finish everything soon :)

Heather said...

These are all each so beautiful. Can't wait to see them finished.

Cadi said...

Welcome to WIP Wednesday. :-) I love your WIPs! :-)

sarah haliwell said...

Such lovely projects. But don't be too hard on yourself. Remember that life is your constant WIP :-)

sara farmama said...

Hi Renee! I started a doll today for Ila's birthday and I was just thinking.....hmmm I wonder how Renee's dolls are coming along! They are gorgeous as is everything you are working on!
Love, Sara

healinghillary said...

*yay* glad you've joined up.
i hear you on the time thing...hmm? if i could just invent a way to make more time.


Tahara said...

The projects love lovely Renee...I have to catch up with your blog...I missed it :-)...Hopefully our computer will continue to work until we can get another one!

WIP Wednesday is something I want to try as well...Perhaps it will motivate me to finish some of them :-)


Nicole said...

Dear Renee,
I love your descriptions of your daughters dress! The fabrics, an apron overlay, so lovely! My daughter loves to wear dresses with aprons too : )
I was happy to see you posted your dolls, they are so beautiful! Yes, I hear you there is just never enough time! Many warm wishes to you xo

Kelly said...

Hi Renee
What wonderful projects you have been working on! Each will definitely be a treasure! I have several half completed projects. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get around to finishing off and some I have sadly simply abandoned - not good that! I think I should stick to one thing at a time before moving on to a next idea. Thanks so very much for the wonderful wishes you left over at my blog too.
Best wishes

Alison said...

Hi Renee,
Such pretty projects, precious all...thank you so much for sharing them. I hope you all are enjoying your together time now that everyone is back in nest.
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am so grateful for the wonderful connections and supportive people I am meeting here in blogland. Hope your weekend is happy! Best, Alison