Wednesday, April 27, 2011

spring cheer


As I peeked into the drawers that hold our seasonal nature table creations I was somewhat surprised to find more colorful little eggs than I thought we had. I forgot about some that I had needle felted last year, though of course I remembered the "giant preppy easter egg".

I spent my evenings last week knitting two more colorful eggs and an "easter bunny", from this simple pattern. It has a cute little tail...

The girls arranged the nature table on Sunday, after they searched not once, but twice, for all the hidden easter eggs. The hiding and searching happened indoors though, it was such a rainy day!

A nice cozy day with leftover hot cross buns and tea at breakfast, and the baking of some special bread in the afternoon to go with our simple dinner of soup and asparagus.

I must admit though that we really wouldn't have minded having some warmth and sun.

Eventually that rain turned to snow. It has been fairly dreary, and really very cold. So we are needing to make extra efforts to seek cheer and warmth!

On a recent sunny day the kitchen was feeling quite cheerful to me so I took a few pictures.

I was also intentionally taking pictures of the cluttered counter top. I tend to have a hard time with clutter, but it was seeming kind of pretty to me that day, so I was trying to embrace that...

Hope you have been finding warmth and cheer in your days!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Fairy Hollow


The girls have lots of games that they love to play while outside. Sometimes they build villages for families of little people. Often these villages are made of mud, usually there is a bakery filled with many, many mud delights, or at the least "ma" is very busy with (mud) baking day.

But a definite favorite is "fairy houses". Every spring the building begins anew, usually in a spot different than the year before.

This year there are more possibilities for fairy houses since there is also the 40 acre property down the road where keep our horses. A perfect site has already been found. (Probably the first perfect spot of many.)

There has been much talk, especially from Chloe, of how she truly truly believes in the fairies. Not just fairies, but other little nature folk too. After all, she found a gnome home just last summer.

She also thinks that there are probably not so many bad fairies anymore. If there weren't too many very long ago, and now there are even less fairies, then there are probably hardly any mean ones left.

There is also a lot of wishing and wondering... Will they ever see the fairies for themselves?

They have created such a special little space down in this fairy hollow. We are imagining how lovely it will be as the leaves begin to appear and enclose them in their magical little world.

Mom and dad have found a "perfect" spot here too. A spot for a wonderful new garden, to grow food that will feed our family throughout the year.

Oh yes, while the girls have been playing with the fairies, we have been very busy in this new garden. (Though the girls of course help out in the garden sometimes too.) There may be not much more than a lot of dirt to show for it yet, but it holds much promise. I look forward to sharing more about it with you soon!

I have some sewing projects to share also, new tops for the girls and even one for me. You see the one I made for Chloe here, this kinda wild green and blue paisley vintage fabric. I think it looks really nice one her...

Lots going on in this bustling spring season.
Hope you have all been enjoying many wonderful days!


Monday, April 4, 2011

a day in the forest


On Friday we decided to head to the back of our neighborhood for a little walk in the National Forest...

which turned into quite a big hike.

Oh how we love to be amongst those tall tall trees!

Needless to say, it was a very happy day!