Thursday, January 26, 2012

moments from the weeks


(The girls are supposed to be asleep, but I can hear that they are up. They are cleaning. So am I supposed to say please stop cleaning and get into bed? They are allowed to clean for a little while longer and then they need to get to rest.

I really enjoy going over these photos and being reminded of the simple moments from the week. Sweet moments of play...

Kitchen play...

and more more kitchen play.


Exceptionally cuddly cats.


New dress for tiny doll.

Valentine's Day is a good reason for lots of pink. Though really there doesn't need to be a specific reason, pink is always very good.

First though we are looking forward to Candlemas, Imbolc, Brigid's day...

Winter is a good reason for lots of color. And such a nice time to be working on the granny squares.

Our days have been nice.

(the girls are in bed now...)

Wishing you all a wonderful winter weekend!


Friday, January 20, 2012


Dear King Winter, Thank you so very much for finally coming to visit us again!

Yes, that is my youngest child out in the big storm dressed somewhat inappropriately. She was sure to wear her coat the next time they went out.

They are very good at getting themselves very covered in snow.

Snowy wandering child...

Beautiful wintry white.

And then in the afternoon the sun came out to say hello...

Only for a little while though. Then it snowed some more. And it was a very happy day. And we felt very hopeful for winter.

So, I really enjoyed doing the moments from the week post last week, and I intend to continue doing them, but these winter days sure do pass quickly. Maybe I will have to post the next one on Sunday evening, or maybe just catch up at the end of next week...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~ Yarn Along ~


I am always happy when I am able to Ginny for her wonderful Yarn Along.

I have just one small knitting project to finish up right now and am really feeling the need to start something new. I already have more cardigans planned, maybe pink ones for spring and summer birthdays, but those will have to wait until yarn can be purchased. For now I will try to think of something small and fun, maybe something with the girls. Ahh, that is a good idea...

So now I will finally show you finished pictures of a few of the handmade holiday gifts.

This is one set of the nesting bowls. These sure were neat to make. I was able to knit all the bowls in the evenings, and the wet felting was very enjoyable. Goodness I love wool!

And mittens for the girls, the first pairs I have ever knitted. Also very fun.

Since I knit both pairs from the same green yarn I decided to add a small bit of embroidery to each pair. These mittens have seen a lot of use already. Chloe's are even kind of muddy. Chessa's have come home from the horses covered in burrs.

And some hat/bonnet pictures. I plan on updating my ravelry page with notes on patterns, etc., but I've never really ever updated much of anything on my ravelry page, so who knows when I will really get around to it. The hat pattern though is called Pauline, and quite wonderful I think. I love how it covers the girls ears so well too. I may want to make these again in thicker yarns next winter.

I am happy to say that hats, mittens, and cardigans are worn almost everyday. I am so grateful that my girls love to wear their mama made clothing. It feels so good to be able to clothe them in handmade warmth.

I had been wanting to share this beautiful old book, in really great condition, that we found at the library book sale a few months ago. It makes me very happy. I just so happened to be in the picture, and rather than edit myself out I decided I could just leave it...

I do believe our winter wishes have been answered, winter seems to have finally wakened!
I wrote last year here about some of our other favorite winter books. (And if you asked about the winter book from my last post, you can see more of it there.)

(And this brings up the whole comments and questions thing again. I never know where/how best to answer. I would like to try to start responding more within the comments. I think I will try that...)

And finally I have picked up my poor neglected granny squares. I do not mind that I went three seasons without working on them. It was always meant to be that kind of project, most special for cozy winter days. It was nice to start working on them again, on a beautiful snowy day...

I wonder if you have any special winter handwork projects happening?
Happy creating!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

moments from the week


My friend Jules does these nice "moments from the week" posts and I have always wanted to join her, so here we go...

Simple play.

Corn has been banned from the bedroom. It must live in bowls on play kitchen shelves. It really must.

Last of our onions. We will have to grow at least 3 times more this season.

I made coconut milk yesterday. Here is the prettier picture.

Here is the messier picture. It was fun. I had coconut milk to add to our dinner of roasted carrots, garbanzo beans, and brown rice. And 5 jars of coconut milk put into the freezer. It feels good to have food stored away like that.

Cuddling kitty love.

And some more.

Yes, we still have our tree in the house. Undecorated. But we just haven't been able to take it out yet. It's lovely in it's simple greenness.

Snowy pictures. Wishful thinking. Please snow.

You wouldn't believe the worlds these girls have created out of beeswax. And the hundreds of people!
(Okay, maybe not hundreds, but seriously probably close to at least one hundred!)

And one of Chessa's nice chalkboard drawings, of a horse yet again. She also drew many horse pictures in her notebook this week. And some fairy pictures too.

We also had a good and productive school week, which we will continue with tomorrow.

I know it's not really quite the end of the week yet, but Friday to me is like the beginning of the weekend and I don't usually do posts then...

Thanks Jules for inspiring me to put together this post!

Happy weekend to all. See you next week...