Tuesday, October 23, 2012

autumn making for my family


I have finally returned to my sewing, and how good it feels. I feel so much myself when I am pressing fabrics at the ironing board, snipping with the scissors, stitching away at the machine. And the girls are in such need of clothing. I don't know how much I will get done before the baby is born, but I am at least making some progress.

I finished a new top for Chloe a few weeks ago, made with some old green calico. We call these "farm shirts". They can be worn outside while playing in the dirt, gardening, to the the farm. They will get dirty. They may get worn to pieces, as Chloe's last two did. So we aren't going for super pretty fabric here or anything. Mostly actually I am just going for something that fits. Goodness these girls are growing.

I am also almost finished with two new autumn skirts. The brown striped fabric is for Chloe, the golden hemp/cotton muslin is for Chessa. Again made with older fabrics, and the girls are preferring these more earthy colors these days.

And the cardigan! I sure can be a slow knitter sometimes. A hooded brown cardigan for Chloe. It is done except for the buttons and blocking. I will share more details soon...

And more soon on what I have been making for baby. It's not all super exciting, things like a nursing pillow, some newborn fitted diapers. And of course some good knitting too.

I am going to link with two of my dear friends this week... Ginny and her fun Yarn Along, even though I guess I left out the book part this time. And I am so happy to be finally for the first time joining Nicole and her Keep Calm Craft On!

What have you all been working on?

Now to return to this teeny tiny super cute adorable sock I am knitting.
Oh wait, I guess I should go finish making dinner first...

Happy creating!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

moments from the first weeks of autumn...


Oh how happy the aspens make me!

It makes me laugh how often these two, horse and child, look up at us with the same expression.

These girls and their horses! Or really I should say these girls and their daddy's horses. Cause you see the girls would have had to wait for horses, but daddy could not.


And do you see here.. it was cold enough for wool coats, but apparently warm enough to wear no socks. Hmm?..

The feel of these recent weeks is so perfect and autumny, it could be nothing but October, beautiful.

Hope you have all been having wonderful days too!