Sunday, July 21, 2013

moments and makings and musings


Salsify trampled by the rain.
Hooray! It rained!
And maybe more today. Maybe more tomorrow.
Monsoon season.

Early mornings in the garden.
A new bed made along the side of the greenhouse. Collards transplanted. Swiss chard nestled in amongst volunteer kale and overwintered carrots going to seed. There is still a tray of kale that I think will get transplanted into bare patches in the strawberry bed.

Dolls in various stages. Tucked into a soft wool bed by the girls so they stay cozy. And so there aren't a bunch of doll heads laying around...

Chloe has been doing some spinning on the drop spindle, and Chessa a bit too. And then knitting more cats. This is just how it is with cats I guess, whether real or knitted, it is easy to suddenly end up with too many.
(The girls of course do not consider there to be too many cats...)

I'm embroidering slowly. I'm knitting slowly. I'm getting much done in the garden in the moments I have to step outside.

I'm joining Lisa in a Waldorf planning course over the next 5 weeks or so. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, and laughing a lot, that I am considered a guest speaker. (Joking that I am not going to say a word!) (Sorry Lisa, I will though, I promise.)
I am very grateful for the course and inspiration. Usually at this time of year I am buried in notebooks, calendar pages, lesson notes, story ideas. But I haven't done much of any of that yet this year. How unlike me. I am excited to get started though!

One last thought...
Is there any 9 year old child who would not greatly benefit from time spent pounding nails with a hammer? I think most likely not.


Friday, July 12, 2013

thirteen (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



~ I know that her wishes have been coming true. So grateful for any small part that I am able to play in that. 

~ Surprisingly...

Her smile could get even bigger...  

My eldest is now 13 years old. Sweetheart child. Beautiful young woman.

I liked going back and reading this birthday post. She still has the same hopes and dreams, with new ones added too.

I wish I could express all that is in my heart right now, here I won't even try, to her I did my best.

Love. Love Love Love Love Love Love LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!