Sunday, October 23, 2011



Oh goodness, are we really nearing the end of the month already?

And apparently I am becoming a very, very slow blog writer...

Well then, how about some random thoughts...

Knitting. That's what I've been up to lately. So so much. Almost done with the second cardigan. Almost done with the first winter hat. Which is really more like a bonnet. And which is really really cute. All of which I will soon take pictures of to show you all...

Sewing. Finally. All this knitting has me really missing my sewing machine. A sweet friend asked me to make her a wrap skirt, and so that is how I spent my Saturday morning. How good it felt to be sewing again!

Homeschool. Going a bit slow but very well. Just finished up the Botany block with Chloe and will be starting some North American Geography this week. Just finished Chessa's first Language Arts block, letters and fairy tales. Real homeschool post coming soon...

Food. Harvested. Much stored away. Carrots and potatoes still in the ground, but not for long. Still harvesting fresh greens, yet already missing them. Apples still seeming never ending. Which is of course a good thing.

Our mountains. Beautiful. Getting colder.

This week. On Tuesday. Our 12th wedding anniversary.
My husband. The greatest most wonderful man in the world.

Love and well wishes to all.

And now back to knitting...


Sunday, October 9, 2011

autumn nature table, harvest stew, and snowy days!


Last week it rained and rained and rained. We knew that up next was going to be some very cold days, temperatures dropping below freezing, so we had no choice but to go out into the downpour and do lots and lots of garden harvesting. It was cold and wet but fun nevertheless.

By Thursday the rained turned to snow. Snow! It snowed all day long, and much of the next day too. It was beautiful, and exciting, but kind of concerning too. This year we had snow even in June so wow, 3 months only without snowfall!

We are so grateful for our bountiful garden harvest! This stew had a little bit of everything we had harvested in recent days... onions, carrots, yellow summer squash and zucchini, potatoes, beets, beet greens, collards, kale, and swiss chard. I threw in a handful of millet but other than that it was a completely homegrown stew. And it was so so yummy!

Autumn days are feeling good!

Michaelmas pictures drawn by the girls...

Michael has chased the dragon back into his cave, that's the dragons tail sticking out. I like the stars shooting across the sky.

Harvest day picture in progress. The little girl is munching a carrot. The girls had to carve out a bit of drawing space amongst all the winter squash covering the table.

The other day Chloe found this picture she had drawn when she was in 1st grade. The women seem to me to be dancing with their brooms. And I love the pumpkin border.

Pumpkins make me very happy! I have always wanted to grow an entire pumpkin patch, and someday we will. This year we planted just one hill, because I wasn't sure if they would even have time to mature or not. But they did (mostly, close enough) and so now we have four of our very own homegrown pumpkins.

I have been having a nature table dilemma. Due to the fact that we have a new kitty who is quite mischievous! That little rascal gets into everything! I was too scared to put anything handmade out on the nature table. Leaves, grasses, flowers, nothing would be safe. So I did a bit of bookshelf rearranging and am hoping that kitty will let it be.

The girls have been bundling grasses and gathering acorns. Rosehips and fallen leaves have since been added to the shelf.

My first needlefelted figure made a couple years ago, and a knitted pumpkin that took me so so long to make, I think this year I have knit almost an entire sweater in the same amount of time.

I still have our original nature table set up, I am too attached to it to let it go. Wooden trees are safe from kitty. A favorite autumn print and the leaf garland the girls and I made last year keep it simple yet festive I think.

Thankfully the snow has passed for now, but I think the chill is here to stay.
We are all feeling so excited for all that this season has to offer!