Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"It's called a lake. And it sparkles!"

Says the 6 year old birthday girl to the dog as we drive along the shore, looking for the perfect place to stop and enjoy an evening picnic.

I am feeling quiet. Do any of you have one of those children who get get a bit blue the day after a special day like a birthday? I was one of those children. I guess I still am...

This was our first lakeside picnic of the season, Chessa's choice to celebrate here, we brought a simple dinner, including fruit salad in a big watermelon bowl. (There was strawberry shortcake too, but we decided that was probably best, easiest, eaten at home.)

It was Isabella's (doll) birthday too, of course, she was well taken care of all day long. She was especially happy that her mama got a new little rocking chair for her birthday, so that there could be lots of cozy storytelling and cuddling.

So there was lots and lots of happy outdoor play. Some tree climbing.

Lots of running down to the edge of the lake.

And then back up again. Almost more like she was in flight, look at those arms!

(Mommy and Daddy wandered about with the girls for a while and then sat close by the fire, true happiness watching our girls delight in the evening.)

Happy and dirty at the end of her day.

And then once more back down to the lake. The girls appreciated the wonderfulness of being able to go for a walk by the lake after dinner.

A special day for our dear little Chessa Morgan!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP Wednesday ~ Sewing Challenge and Birthday Girl Plans

Does anyone else feel like they spent half of their sewing challenge time tracing patterns from crazy Japanese sewing books? Sometimes I even kept on tracing extra patterns just for the fun of it. Fun. Yeah. (Only being slightly sarcastic, I do kinda like it.) But why can't the patterns include seam allowances? Cause then I still have to go all around with a little ruler marking one centimeter away, well actually that was the part I was finding extra fun...

So here is the top that did get completed last week, from the too cute book Girly Style Wardrobe. Though actually it's a very altered pattern from that book. This is for Chloe, it is almost too big, but acceptable I think.

The back has much more red in it, I like the combination, good colors for Chloe.

I am working on a similar one for Chessa too, but altered it even more. I decided she needed a softer neckline so I'm doing it curved instead of square.

Chessa, she is the birthday girl, 6 years old next Monday! Oh my goodness! (Please excuse while I freak out for a moment.) So birthday sewing/crafting plans... the top, which at one point was going to be a dress, but now switched back to a top again. I don't know if I'm okay with this though, I always make the girls dresses for their birthdays, maybe I will add a skirt.

I am also making her a doll. Yes, I made her a doll for her birthday last year, (the blonde one), this year I am making her a teeny tiny doll. Cause she likes teeny tiny things. My sweet little teeny tiny child...

Hopefully a couple other things will find time to be made also. I have been wanting to make her a headband (I am making Chloe a bonnet for her birthday, Chessa already has hers), and would like to make her a small pillow also. Really I would love to make her a small lap quilt, but let's be realistic here... Either way I'm sure I'll be up sewing till 1AM on Sunday night...

I guess that's all for now. I may be back to share a special Chessa story later this week, or perhaps after the weekend.

Happy day to you all!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

work in progress - sewing challenge

I find myself drawn to fabrics that remind me of when I was little... a favorite dress I had, a curtain, a bedspread. The fabrics I am sewing with now are some of those fabrics. Especially the red one. It is a fabric that I would save nearly forever waiting for just the right thing to use it on. But I didn't have to wait that long, because this fabric is just right for Chloe, and I am making her a new summer top from it.

Several things are motivating me to get this done... One, the fabric, of course. Two, the fun sewing challenge, and three... well, I was planning on making the same top for Chessa, and I won't know what size I want to make until I finish this first one. Even though now I think I will be making her a dress instead, still similar style though, and this dress will be her birthday dress, which is in less than two weeks now, so better go get back to sewing!

Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mommy, happy sewing

We spent our Sunday wandering through the forest. It was just where we needed to be.

(Can you believe the aspens are still bare?)

How happy these girls make me...

How grateful I am to be their mother. It is my favorite thing in the world!!!

Thanks to those who sent Mother's Day wishes. I hope you all had the most wonderful day!

So, is anyone else taking part in the Kids Clothes Week challenge? I wasn't sure if I should commit, but I'm glad I have. The goal is to spend one hour each day sewing clothing for our children every day for the next seven days. Today I cut out all the pieces to make a new top for Chloe, but the actual sewing will have to wait until tomorrow. I plan to make a similar one for Chessa too. There is much sewing that needs to be done here, I am happy for some extra inspiration!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ this moment ~

~ inspired by amanda soule ~

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of many happy moments!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Snowy May

Freezing cold first days of May, icy snow falling, the hawthorn is certainly not blooming. The only flowers were the teeny tiny beeswax ones made at the table during a quiet crafting afternoon. We tried to make the best of the cozy days.

I wondered why our "not local Waldorf School" is not having their May Faire until the 23rd. Now I know. Brrrr!!! In this post from last year, my very first one actually, you can get a small peek at Chessa joining in with the May festivities.

Looking forward to seeing the beautiful May Day images everyone else is sharing.

Surely now warmer days will be coming!