Wednesday, April 8, 2015

journal - three seasons


How do you begin writing when it has been so many months? It is as a family journal that I have most missed keeping this space, and also there are my so very dear friends that I do not like being so disconnected from them either. Although the real letter writing has been so nice.

It seems I have even forgotten how to use a keyboard well, so many typos in my first paragraph, slow going… Maybe that's how my return will be. Probably.

Elsa is of course asleep as I write this.

Elsa is maybe not really a baby anymore, if I have to say that, though I never do. She likes being a baby, but she likes being a big girl too. She says "me baker helper", and we bake bread together.

All our girls are growing. So, so much.

And three full seasons now we have made our home on our land, where good husband is building our little cabin, wood milled from our own trees, shelter for our family.

Now spring…