Monday, January 21, 2013

here with baby...


I have written on paper. I want to send letters to friends. If she stays alseep I will write here...  


Yes, a p.s. at the beginning. I can barely write this post. I cannot see more than half the post. We will just hope there are not too many typos at the end. I wonder what I wrote down there (cause it was actually last week when I wrote most of this...)
(The issue is with the old barely functioning computer, not with me. I am functioning just fine. Well for the most part anyhow...)
(I will just push publish now and hope for the best...)
(Okay, after publishing I could read. I think just a couple typos. Getting up, not betting up. Morning hours, not orning hours. You could have probably figured that out on your own. I still can't get to the bottom of my writing to edit...)

Thank you so very much for all the kind comments and emails (and phone calls and little packages!) for Elsa Willow. The love and support has been so felt and appreciated.

It will have to be okay that there are no pictures.
(Not even wanting to mention the computer (broken) troubles. And please just say yes, of course all of our pictures will be able to be saved...)

I do so wish you could see her!
(And can you imagine how much our familes are really wanting to see her? No pictures for anyone.)
(We are taking pictures, they are just having to wait stored on our camera.)

(And you see this is not what I might want to be writing about now that I am having a moment to.)

Hello! How have you all been?
Cold and wintery and sweet and still pretty newborn here in our home.
We can hardly believe all the sweetness that our little Elsa is.
Big sisters are just as wonderful as we knew they would be.
All just so so in love.
Baby and I are still just home. Not like we ever venture out much in the winter anyhow. Although Jason and the girls did just head out to near the lake to do some snowshoeing.

So cold here. We had a good snowstorm in December that left everything so good and wintery white. And it has been so cold since that much of the snow is still here.
It was supposed to be nearly 20 degrees below zero the other night!

We just stay inside cozy and warm. If I do not have a nursing baby in my arms, or a sleeping baby in my arms, or a wide awake super adorable baby in my arms, then I usually spend my time in the kitchen. Baking bread, cooking dinner as early in the day as I can get to it, having fun looking through cookbooks and doing some meal planning.

We have been doing some homeschooling in the morning. Chloe and I are still actually finishing Greece (never happened last year with all the pregnancy illness) and about to move on to Ancient Rome. Chessa and I are finishing some fables and then moving on to a saints block, which we are both very much looking forward to. It is nice to be all getting some work done together in the mornings.

Oh, speaking of mornings, I have been betting up between 5 and 6 AM. I thinkI should try to keep it around. 5 is kinda too crazy. But so nice in those quiet, dark orning hours, and then the sun beginning to lighten the sky...

Well, she sure has stayed asleep. I think I will have to go knit now. How nice.

Hope everyone is happy and well!