Thursday, March 29, 2012

moments from the week


Picnic and playing by the river on the other (dry) side of town.

More farm days.

Lots of knitting. Mostly roosters, hens, and chicks.

Enjoying the back deck for snack time and stories.

Cheery spring nature table. Sometimes in early spring we keep it much more bare, but this year I just couldn't wait for some color!

Some time in the garden! And harvesting our first little snips of chives! And wanting so so much to get started on planting. Maybe this weekend...

There is still time to enter the small giveaway. Of course I was forgetting how tricky/difficult blogger is with comments so if you have been unable to leave a comment you can also email me and I will be sure to include your entry.

I hope your week was wonderful and I wish you happy days ahead!


Monday, March 26, 2012

fairy sewing, and a giveaway


First though I need to say Happy New Season to all! I hope your recent days have been full of Spring warmth and and cheer (or good autumn coziness...)

Our last days of winter were very snowy, but the sun shone bright on the equinox and we then returned to the unseasonably warm March weather we have been having. Spring here doesn't necessarily mean sun, warmth, and new growth. (Though we still feel it our hearts...) More often it means mud and brown, cold winds, and still plenty of possibilities for snowstorms. We are finally able to spend more time outside, but still embrace the inside time, because we know that soon the busyness of spring planting and garden work will be filling our days.

Most of my handwork time lately has been focused on sewing. These girls of mine seem to have grown nearly a foot in the past year (okay, maybe only half of that) and are definitely in need of some new spring/summer clothing. And I could use a new farm skirt myself...

Before beginning on the family sewing I wanted to add a couple things to my etsy shop, something I have been trying to get done for months.

I made this fairy apron dress and a fairy skirt. Chessa does not really like that she has to wear the pretty dress for pictures but then does not get to keep it. She tolerates it though. And she does have her own fairy apron, so...

I really love to sew. I love making clothing for my family. I love making clothing for children. I do not love the trying to take good enough photographs, writing descriptions, sizing, pricing, computer work, etc. that it takes to get things into the etsy shop. And so I do not really know where I am going to go with that.

But I have been thinking that I would like to have a small giveaway. Cause you are all really great, and I would like to share something with you.

You may choose any of the smaller items listed in my shop, and please choose a second option too just in case...
(you may choose anything except for clothing)

Please leave a comment with your choices and I will choose a winner next Sunday.

(Of course I was forgetting how tricky/difficult blogger is with comments so if you have been unable to leave a comment you can also email me and I will be sure to include your entry.)

Sewing is fun, but now I think it's time for some evening knitting...


Sunday, March 18, 2012

moments from the week(s)


There were so many moments not captured in photographs (as always of course)... Windows and doors wide open, fresh air flowing through the house. Children outside, running, playing, farm friends, climbing on the mountain. Sun and warmth, so so good.

Today was cold, the wind blowing so hard. A family of deer settled themselves down to rest on the mountainside, we watched them in the fading evening light.
It feels just right for these very last days of winter...


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

stitching and knitting along


Joining Ginny...

A small child said to me the other day that her little dolls do not have enough blankets to keep themselves warm, and she said this with a quiver in her voice, so sad she was for her poor little doll family. So of course we needed to start knitting some new doll blankets right away.

How do you like her fancy knitting outfit?!! I love it.

I also love the quiet peaceful moments, minutes, sometimes hours, that our handwork has been bringing to us these days.

I have had some nice sewing time lately. My only knitting projects are small things.. the doll blanket, newborn baby hat, and I am thinking of maybe making a spring flower girl for the nature table. I had hoped to make the girls cardigans for their spring/summer birthdays (it is almost always sweater season here) but now already I will probably run out of time, not able to buy the yarn any time soon, so I am thinking more of what I will be needing to sew for spring and summer clothing. (The cardigans, pink tea leaves, are still on the list for someday...)

(Oh, and also.. I did finally update my ravelry a page a bit, so if you ever asked pattern questions, like for those winter bonnets, then that can help you find it. My user name there is heirloomseasons)

This weekend I read the March entry from this neat old book. A very nice woman once sent us this and another book illustrated by Tasha Tudor just because she knew how much they would be loved in our home.

We are ready for flowers and warmth and sun.

And just because, and because I really must, I dedicate this post to my dear friend Melanie, who truly is one of my very best friends, despite the fact that we have never (yet) had the chance to sit down for a cup of tea. Thank you for saving me from my tears today, and for all that we have been able to share in this friendship.

And also she once asked how many Tasha Tudor books we have. The answer might be about 17, though we haven't finished the official count (nor the collecting...)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

~ moments from the week ~


Warm sun. Warm tea. Beautiful day outside with the horses. We had another foot of snow a couple days ago so our world is looking wintery again.

And now it is March. And it is cold.
Looking forward to a quiet weekend of knitting, sewing, storytimes and coziness. Maybe stews for suppers, and most likely pancakes for sunday brunch.

Wishing you all a happy weekend with your families and loved ones!