Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wool love, baby love...


And now it is the middle of November, cozy days (super freezing days actually...) I feel good and happy that I have been able to knit up quite a few warm woolens lately.

And I will be having a baby sometime soon.

We prepare, I knit, we look forward and feel so excited about this magical season that is coming, and this little one who has come to be a part of our family.

Dear friends, who have offered so much love and support during all these past months, are very much in my thoughts and heart. I have obviously been quiet here, and will soon be even more so, but I will be sure to check in when I can to share our happy news with you.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and full of joy coming holiday and advent season.

With love...

(and I guess knitting notes, pattern details, (not to mention blocking..) and the rest of the woolens will have to wait until after baby is born...)