Thursday, January 12, 2012

moments from the week


My friend Jules does these nice "moments from the week" posts and I have always wanted to join her, so here we go...

Simple play.

Corn has been banned from the bedroom. It must live in bowls on play kitchen shelves. It really must.

Last of our onions. We will have to grow at least 3 times more this season.

I made coconut milk yesterday. Here is the prettier picture.

Here is the messier picture. It was fun. I had coconut milk to add to our dinner of roasted carrots, garbanzo beans, and brown rice. And 5 jars of coconut milk put into the freezer. It feels good to have food stored away like that.

Cuddling kitty love.

And some more.

Yes, we still have our tree in the house. Undecorated. But we just haven't been able to take it out yet. It's lovely in it's simple greenness.

Snowy pictures. Wishful thinking. Please snow.

You wouldn't believe the worlds these girls have created out of beeswax. And the hundreds of people!
(Okay, maybe not hundreds, but seriously probably close to at least one hundred!)

And one of Chessa's nice chalkboard drawings, of a horse yet again. She also drew many horse pictures in her notebook this week. And some fairy pictures too.

We also had a good and productive school week, which we will continue with tomorrow.

I know it's not really quite the end of the week yet, but Friday to me is like the beginning of the weekend and I don't usually do posts then...

Thanks Jules for inspiring me to put together this post!

Happy weekend to all. See you next week...



a little crafty nest said...

Dear Renee...Oh, goodness, these little windows into your week are wonderful!!! I love the complete (extra)ordinariness of them. Your girl's are so creative...that horse has a beautiful mane. We currently have no cats, a sad story that, but seeing that cuddle puddle brings feline longing on. One last thing, where or where did you get the cast iron cook set for the dollhouse folk? I'm looking for a dollhouse cookstove like our real one. Love.
xo Jules

Laura said...

so much beautiful simplicity here...and that's a good rule to corn in the bedroom :-) thanks so much for sharing these pictures, they are simply beautiful, hugs Laura x

Tonya Gunn said...

Hi Renee,
So much fun to see these pieces from your week - your needle felted doll is beautiful and I know I have at least one daughter that would love those miniature pots to play with. We are also going to grow about 5 times as many onions next year as they keep so well and we have run out already too.
Thinking of you, Love - Tonya

Emily said...

Renee, what book are you showing when you are wishing for snow? I hope it snowed for you. It snowed yesterday here in Wisconsin and it finally looks like winter.

erin said...

Such a peaceful and beautiful week. Your daughter's chalkboard drawing is awesome. Sounds like someone really loves horses. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

leaningapplemama said...

Hi Renee! What an amazing family you are! i love the beeswax figures so much. my boys love it when i create for them with it (usually on really long car rides!). i want to know why there is corn in the bedrooms;) we got some snow last night but it is raining and 40 today...we can't win either! i hope we all get some soon! before i start plating my garden in february!! have a lovely weekend!! xo, pennie

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

I love this kind of post made of simple, beautiful moments of everyday life. I posted some pictures of the beautiful pinafore I purchased in you shop: We love it!

April's Homemaking said...

Wonderful post, loved your needle felted dolls. Beeswax is wonderful to play with, smells yummy, and is nice and warm, great beeswax figures. We finally had to take our tree out, but me and hubby used some pruning shears to cut up some of the branches and twigs, and remove the pine needles, now I have a whole tote of sticks to use for crafting this year. Looks like a nice week. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree on those amazing tiny cast iron pans! Where did you find them? Also, your girls beat the pants off my beeswax doll making skills! I can knit and sew up a storm, but that beeswax takes a patience I just don't have!