Monday, January 2, 2012

ending and beginning


Into the snowy forest on the winter solstice...

An amazing sunset that turned the forest red!

Journey to the light completed.

My own dear angels.

And we begin a new year with hearts full of hope.

I hope for a year of peace.

I hope for my children to have many moments of joy.

I know we will have lots of wonderful family togetherness.

Wishing everyone a beautiful new year filled with abundant happiness!



Tonya Gunn said...

Happy New Year Renee - to you and your beautiful family.
Warm wishes,

Catherine said...

Wow! I thought it was a forest fire for a moment! Wishing you a wonderful beginning of 2012!

charlotte said...

amzing photos. Happy New Year.

Mama Ash Grove said...

Dear Renee, Happy Happy New Year!!! I love these photos!
It looks like Chessa's cardi has plenty of room. :)
And oh my, I can never get over how similar Chloe looks to Ella.
We'll talk soon! Love, Mel

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Happy New Year! Wish we had some of that lovely deep snow to play in... Your pictures are beautiful, your angels as well!

Wild Maple Wool said...

Sweetness!!! I love your blog, your writing, and your wonderful little family!

Sammantha (Woodland Woolens)

saraelise said...

Happy New Year!! Such lovely photos!

a little crafty nest said...

Dear Renee...How did I miss this post? I love your outdoorsy photos of your beloveds. They look so joyful! And of course, I love that advent spiral. I'm missing you right now...hoping to connect soon...what is on your needles now?!!
xo Jules
P.S. May your year ahead be filled with lots of love and laughter, and crafty happiness! xo