Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WIP (almost) Wednesday

In my head this egg has two names... one, Linda's Lovely Easter Egg... and the other, Giant Preppy Easter Egg!

I can't help, that is just what kept coming to my mind as I was finishing it, those stripes! I did intend to make more, but seeing as it came out quite large I think one will be enough for now. I'm sure the girls will love discovering it this Sunday. I did enjoy knitting it.. (thanks Linda!)

Here is Chloe's spring child picture that she needle felted recently. I love it, we really needed some cheery color inside, it is still quite brown and bare outdoors...

Perhaps Chessa is expecting a rainy day soon? That would be nice, recent storms brought yet more snow, but the sun does seem to be warmer every day!


momma rae said...

oh, love them all! preppy maybe, but love the colors. chloe's piece is gorgeous! did chessa really draw that chalkboard drawing? i guess she is growing just like sienna, but i haven't let her age like that in my head! ;)

Ariella said...

Love the stripey egg!

Mama Ash Grove said...

Love the preppy egg! :)
I'll have to show Ella the needle felted picture- just this morning she was trying to think of what she could put in a Spring/ Easter scene. Chloe's is just beautiful!

Tonya Gunn said...

So love the needle felted picture Renee! I also will have to show my daughters as they just took out the needle felting supplies this morning.
Your egg is also great.
Warm wishes and happy spring, Tonya

Linda said...

Dear Renee,
I love how your knitted egg turned out, the stripes are beautiful! Chloe's felted picture is lovely and Chessa's chalk drawing is really wonderful:) You are all so talented! Thank you so much for joining our Heart Swap Renee:) Could you email me all your details ( full name, address and blog link).

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

What lovely craftiness you have in your house. I LOVE Chelsea's needle felting. It is beautiful...and that egg! Im goin got hop on over to Linda's right now and check out that goodness.


kendra said...

i love that you are bringing pinks and rain cloud wishes inside since they won't come outside! soon!!!

Heather said...

Everything here is so sweet and beautiful, and perfect for Spring. The eggs look amazing :)