Sunday, October 3, 2010

earliest autumn days

Though the very first day of autumn was rainy and grey, we have had day after day of blue skies since then. Sunny and warm. We are very appreciative of course!

My sister visited recently and we have a bit of a lakeside picnic tradition going on with her. Although this time we ended up closer to where the creek is coming into the lake. (And I don't have any pictures of the actual picnic, or my sister...)

Warm enough for bare feet and water play.

This little one really, really likes to play in the water.

Last week we had our own little Michaelmas celebration at home, and on Saturday we went to our nearby Waldorf school for their Michaelmas Festival. It was sweet and quiet (well, kind of) and just right for the girls.

Here is Chessa facing her dragon. (No, not the dear kindergarten teacher!) It really takes such courage for her to participate in a group activity like this. The children walked across the balance beam, watching out for the dragon below. The received a special little treasure at the other and then made their way back across.

Brave little Chessa!

Contemplative Chloe. We have been told she is a very good observer. I love observing her dimples while she is observing something else.

On the way home from the festival we stopped at a wild apple tree we had been noticing lately. The apples were a little bit small but super sweet and yummy. We came home with lots and lots of apples!

To add to the apples and pears that had already been harvested in recent weeks. We have many baskets and basins full now.

This morning we made a large pot of applesauce. And then we decided to keep on cooking. We do this often on Sundays, cook and bake all day long. We roasted a bunch of potatoes, we baked some tempeh at the same time. This afternoon we baked some chocolate chip cookies for Jason, a big batch to last for many days. We baked bread, of course, this we do every day. We already have a big pot of pinto beans in the refrigerator. I am thinking of making them into some kind of stew for tomorrow night. I love having so much food prepared for the week ahead!

We have a lot of greens still growing nicely in the garden..Swiss chard, lettuce, and cilantro mostly. Happy to still be harvesting food from the garden.

Happy for autumn flowers also.

Today those autumn winds started blowing again. Colder evenings are returning. And now October is here with us. The warmth of the last weeks seemed to have had me in a kind of in-between state, it was almost more summery than autumny. I am glad the winds came. I am ready to embrace autumn!

I hope you are enjoying many beautiful autumn days too!



momma rae said...

oh, when i saw your comment, i thought you might be in blogland because you were posting something new! ;) love your new header and those beautiful girls of yours!! chessa really was being extra brave, eh? the spirit of michaelmas must have gotten to her. good for her! those flowers are delightful.

love you, dear friend!! xoxoxo

Heather said...

It looks like you all have greeted the changing seasons with open arms. I love how Michaelmas truly seems to open the Autumn season, and your girls look like they had a wonderful time. Enjoy every moment my sweet friend

Mama Ash Grove said...

And we are ready to embrace Autumn as well!
Ella is like Chessa, it takes a lot of courage for her to participate in group activities- unless it is one she does regularly, like her violins group. If it's something new and different, she'd much rather observe. If she does get up the will to participate, I'll see that she is a little shaky and it squeezes my heart and makes me want to rush up and protect her- and also I feel proud of her bravery!
Beautiful post- beautiful pictures! When I am with my sisters, I don't ever remember to take photos because we are having so much fun. :)
HUGS Renee! Happy October to you!

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh - and I totally understand because I tend to be so shy I don't like group activities myself. . .much prefer small settings with good friends!

Unknown said...

Your little felted autumn doll is so beautiful. I love your new header.

Looks like your girls had a wonderful time at the festival. Mine were a little shy around the large group in Ashland.

My children still haven't gotten to pick any apples or pears. Only wild berries. They look lovely, do you have the recipe for pear and apple oat crisp? Nice desert for those cooler days.

When we were at the farmers market the other day, my little boys ran to the flower stand and wanted to buy so many... they were beautiful how could we resist.

Anonymous said...

I have a very shy one myself but the other one makes up for it :). Beautiful photos.

Happy October!

a little crafty nest said...

You have captured some beautiful moments, real treasures. Thanks for sharing them here.
xo Jules

Tonya Gunn said...

Beautiful photos of your daughters - so wonderfully captured. Your new header is beautiful.
Oh, all that food is just great - I know exactly what you mean about feeling so good when the bushels are full and the pantry is full...
Warm wishes - thinking of you and your family,

Bending Birches said...

very lovely, as always!